Wookz take me to Funky Town


This has been an interesting week for Hedera NFTs. I found the vibes of the Wookz community refreshing and knew this was the right project to highlight this week. Thankfully these Wookz are bee-boppin’ across the galaxy for us to find and collect.

Down and Dirty

Gen 0 – animated 3d Wookz, launched using their own minting tool

Max Supply – 33

Mint price – 1250 HBAR

Floor price – 10k HBAR (and climbing!)

Airdrops – Defenders

Floorprice – 2k HBAR

Gen 1 – Release date and launchpad TBD

Max Supply – 333 (3 drops of 111 each)

Mint price – TBD


Founded by brothers; Wookzman and Elunar, the project “Wookz” picked up the technical mastermind Slack, to assist in their journey. Between the three of them, there isn’t any aspect that isn’t covered for the project.  Wookzman is the artistic of the group and began creating the Wookz design before he ever dreamed they would be minted into NFTs. Towards the end of his studies of Visual Media, the Wookz were born and shortly after, the infamous lockdown happened. This perfect storm gave way to the idea of minting Wookz on the Hedera network, which all three of the team were big fans of and hoped this project could bring more people into the space. 

Wookzman took the concept Wookz he had created in 2019 and revamped them using his experience to show off to their twitter audience in December 2021. The overwhelming positivity in response to this post solidified the teams resolve to mint these Wookz into existence on the Hedera network. While Elunar managed their community relations and marketing, their team was able to leverage the genius of Slack to create their own minting tool for Gen 1 release. Soon after mint started, all 33 Wookz quickly sold out. The synergy of this team is spectacular! For Gen 2, the team is exploring the options of different Launchpads, but hasn’t settled on a decision for which to go with yet. As the project nears release for Gen 2, we know the max supply will hold 333 Wookz, dropped in three separate iterations of 111 each. This will expand the community of Wookz holders and allow for more to benefit from the coming developments, partnerships, and utility the Wookz team has in store.

Running through the Hedera NFT space, I see a lot of different artistic styles. Once I saw the Wookz, I knew they had the swag to make an impact in this sector. The flowing hair, the confidence in their steps, it all comes together so well! Combine that artistic swag with the chill community and forward-thinking team, and you have the ingredients for a lasting dynasty of a project within this fresh new ecosystem.

Working towards the future of cross chain marketplaces, Wookz are ready for the competitive environment. Being painstakingly designed, from the background, the moving accessories, and even every hair on their bodies, this unique design is sure to catch the eye of collectors as it is not a derivative of previous projects. Wookzman, who is an obvious fan of the exclusive will soon produce and drop 1/1 still images depicting Wookz in situations reminiscent of the real world. These are meant to speak to current events and are planned to begin charity auctions once Gen 2 is ready to begin their drops. Beyond charity auctions, the Wookz have much more utility being coordinated behind the scenes, which will begin reveals after Gen 2 drops. Go give the Wookz a lookz in their discord, say hello to the community, and enjoy the vibes. 

As the Hedera space grows, expect to see more projects, including ones that may not have your best interests at heart. Keep an eye out for suspicious happenings, know that there are those in the community watching out for problem projects. Be sure to embrace and support the projects who are continuing to bust their butts to bring you quality art, utility, and community. Don’t let the setbacks put you on the sidelines, let it reinforce your love for the good ones! Be like the Wookz and keep it movin’!

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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