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The Revolution Starts Tomorrow

Crypto currencies were not meant to be vanilla. When Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin nearly a decade and a half ago, there was no hope to quietly change the world.  To truly impact humanity, you must take it to the streets, inspire the masses and be revolutionary! Bringing together an amazing team from diverse backgrounds, Hedera NFT project “The Revolution Starts Tomorrow” (TRST) has ignited just that kind of spark in their thriving community. 

Looking through the crowded warehouse of revolutionaries, you can plainly see the standout leads. With skillsets ranging from digital marketing, early crypto investing, and being an absolute tech genius, this team rallies behind their keystone member; their artist. Pulling no punches, the crew at TRST taps into their experience developing businesses across multiple sectors including design, marketing, video production, gaming, e-commerce, and software development. Focusing this knowledge into their message, they mint inspiring pieces that capture their passions for art, music, and tech. 

Beginning in early 2021 the team started talks of forming a project and utilizing Hedera technology. From there they have followed the flow and began seriously designing their concept in late ’21. Currently working with Utopian Lab (on twitter) to hammer out the details, they bring influence from their home environments of the northern UK industrial cities like Manchester.  The team hope to roll out collections that look great in the form of real-world art as well as featured in an apartment or gallery in the metaverse. Maintaining passion for their subject, TRST is hard at work building value for their community. Pouring their hearts into creating unique art for followers to collect and love, while each piece stimulates conversation. 

As early investors in Hedera HBAR, it was a no brainer to build on the forward-looking chain; or I guess I should I say graph. Going against the grain and standing out is inherent in the DNA of the TRST/Hedera mashup. Still, you would never guess the massive moves this team is making if you stumbled into them on the street and struck up a conversation. They are always looking for ways to help other projects and their community. Providing value to the entire space, grinding tirelessly on their own project, all while maintaining a vibe of absolute chill and welcoming in their community. It’s no wonder they are so laid back even while crushing such a massive undertaking, when they have such an experienced collective team.  

While the welcoming vibes abound in their Discord, they are sure to maintain a level of secrecy about some of their upcoming moves. As much as I pried, they wouldn’t budge, only telling me they have big ideas for the very near future, that include TRST being much more than selling NFTs.  These new developments are being kept under wraps during their meetings, which only the team and select collaborators are privy to. I can tell you though, it’s like when the grill is closed, but you can still smell that amazing barbecue cooking!  You know something exciting is about to come out. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next juicy development from this team!

Now, I have to stop typing and go grab some food.  Thanks, TRST; you got me all hungry. If this seems like a project you are interested in checking out… who am I kidding? We all are. Visit their links below!

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