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The Phantom of Hedera


Who is the creator behind the mask? The mysterious METAVISION founder maintains complete anonymity while their third drop is fast approaching. For such a wildly successful project on Hedera, most would expect the one responsible to take full credit. But in this case, the founder has no desire for fame or recognition. Could it be that we will never know the genius behind this amazing project and community? In the NFT world, it is not uncommon to never know the true identity of people you converse with on a daily basis. As Gaston Leroux said in The Phantom of the Opera, “our lives are one masked ball.” This really hits home as the world is becoming ignited by the NFT market, with over $22 billion spent in 2021, mostly on a simple profile picture. That’s one hell of a price for a mask.

Down and Dirty


Max Supply – 100

Mint price – 300 HBAR

Floor price – 42,069 HBAR

Airdrops – Over 100,000 HBAR worth of NFTs from other creators were airdropped to GEN 1 holders.


Gen 2 –

Max Supply – 363

Mint price – 1000 HBAR

Floor Price – 6,600 HBAR


Gen 3 – TBD

Max Supply – TBD

Mint Price – 1250 $META


The idea first began in January 2022, to create the iconic Floppy NFT. Within a month they were minted and selling on HashAxis for 300H each. There were only 100 Floppies created and holding this special Gen 1 NFT allowed the owners to access a locked discord chat. When you first join the community, be sure to have some time to dedicate to their very unique onboarding. Through this discord the METAVISION community was able to communicate and grow with each other. Being based on Hedera, the space is fairly small already, but with only 100 members, this is definitely any exclusive club to say the least.

To reward the leap of faith their Gen 1 hodlers took in purchasing the Floppies, METAVISION has dropped over 100K HBAR worth of NFTs from the Hedera ecosystem into their wallets. Having the goals of having as much fun as possible, and enjoying the ride, the project didn’t set out with any rigid goals that would limit innovation. Listening to the community, there are plans to become interoperable with other chains and possibly work with other projects if the vibes are right. The METAVISION community has been able to harness the power of the entire Gen 1 hodler base through their closed discord. Always evolving and growing, there are no limits to the ideas coming from this creator’s genius. This flexible approach has allowed amazing results from the project and had the NFT community chomping at the bit for a chance to buy in to the parabolic growth of METAVISION through the Gen 2 (and soon Gen 3) release.

The ultimate/main vision I see is making a significant difference in the lives of every single one of my holders, whether that be financially or emotionally


The kindness and friendship of the METAVISION community continue through the openness to chat with anyone about the project. Receiving support and guidance from the project hodlers and community, METAVISION is on its path to be a multi-million-dollar project and a household name within the cryptocurrency space. Eventually, the goal is to build P2E computers for the founding members and for disabled individuals who struggle physically with finding work in today’s society.

Usually, I have lots of links to further info, but this one is going to have to maintain an air of mystery. Coming soon is the Gen 3 release and the next opportunity to join in the amazing community known as METAVISION.

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