The Hedera-verse is Coming

The Ivy

With the mad dash to invest in all things metaverse coming to an end during this recent market crash, everyone basically stopped building. Or at least, that’s how it may appear if you just watch the bad news bears tweeting out the end of crypto. In the Hedera space it is definitely quieter, but if you join the communities within, and ask around these creators are very much alive and putting their nose to the grindstone. I can think of more than a handful of creators who are using this time to focus more on the back end so when the market comes back, they have great surprises for those who stuck around, and the newcomers. I know Mauii from Migos World, the TRST team, Kap over at the Koala Klub, Shaggy and crew with Hash Hounds, Dr Satoshi in his lab experimenting, METAVISION is running around somewhere doing something great for the team I know and who can forget HashDude building Hashtools and so many more. If you aren’t on this list don’t be offended, I can only give so many shout outs at a time. Reach out and let me know what you’re building so we can get the community engaged. But! This is not a time to spread the Hedera love to all the creators. NAY! This is the time to shed some light on a project that has been building quietly for a while. A project that is so low key that you might not be ready for them to blow your socks off, just yet.

This is the time for The Ivy to shine. The Ivy is Hedera’s metaverse. Built by Max and managed by Rizz, you would think an entire metaverse couldn’t possibly grow quietly in the shadows. I have seen it though. Rizz has brought together the teams of Koala Klub, Doodleverse, Dead Pixels, METAVISION, HBAR Shadyz, Satoshi Labs, HBARmory to partner with their flagship NFT project Happy Hash Frogs. Combined, these projects have supported each other in this massive idea to bring together the Hedera NFT space.

When you enter The Ivy, you’ll notice it is basically a hub. Access is token-gated and only granted to Hedera NFT holders. Portals lead to different project worlds, and there are even special rooms for the council projects. Each of these project spaces are themed to match their collections. For example, you walk into the Koala portal, and it has a jungle type feel with eucalyptus trees and some Koala art on the walls. To enter into each of these areas, you must hold the respective NFT in your wallet. Sometimes, we just want a place to congregate with our fellow HBARbarians though.

This is where the main space comes in. Once you load up, you can customize your avatar to your liking. Exploring the hub, you’ll see a museum style area with 47 screens which display NFTs from across the Hedera space. There is a large meeting area as well, for collab meetings and developer discussions. It’s not all serious business though. Walk up some stairs and you’ll find a pool party set up. Be sure to pay homage to the Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon photos that decorate the walls in the staircase before you go party with all your Hedera homies! At the pool party there are screens for live DJ performances to be streamed into The Ivy and lights for the show.

Miss out on minting a Happy Hash Frog? Don’t stress! Gen 2 is just around the corner. These freedom frogs will hop out of mint on 4 July with a mint price of 1000 HBAR. Once Gen 2 is out, you better keep an eye on your Hashpack wallet if you hold Gen 1. For being an OG holder, the Happy Frogs are giving back 700 HBAR per Gen 1 frog, 1K for “Top Kek” holders, and those with “Pepe” status will receive 1300 per frog. That’s a lot of HBAR flowing back into your pockets! Keep in mind, for these airdropped bars, your frogs must be in your wallet and not listed for sale. The proceeds after Gen 1 rewards will be put towards further development of the project. This team isn’t sitting idle or working with blinders on. They’ve been assisting LendNFT with development of the NFT collateralization platform. With this platform you can easily lend HBAR or increase your liquidity by lending your NFTs to meet your goals. Problems with solutions, are no longer problems!

If you’re ready to get in the party and explore this amazing creation, go check out the Happy Hash Frogs (700 mint vs 3000 floor price) NFT project, as holding one of those gets you early access to The Ivy. Supporting further development is as easy as supporting your favorite Hedera NFT project which help fund The Ivy. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your swimsuit and sports coat. Let’s port into the Hedera-verse and vibe.

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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