The Hed-strong Hounds


There ain’t no easy way out! The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, sang this line in 2005 and it still rings true today. The creators of HashHounds – the brand spankin’ new NFT project on Hedera – understand taking the easy way, just isn’t an option. For this undertaking, the team of three Hedera NFT fans deconstructed every aspect of current NFT projects to find out how they could innovate and change the face of the NFT space. They created the NFT Foundery to house their creations and community, breaking the mold with every step along the way.

Down and Dirty

Gen 1 – Animated Fuzz Aldrin 1 of 1

Max Supply – 10

Mint price – 425 HBAR

5% sales and royalty share amongst NFT Holders, 10% of line supply airdropped to 10 holders.

Gen 1 – Hash Hounds

Max Supply – 100

Mint price – 615 HBAR

50% sales and 75% royalty share amongst NFT Holders

Gen 1 –Khiller Khlowns

Max Supply – 50

Mint price – Auction Based

5% sales and royalty share amongst NFT Holders & 2nd free true 3D GLB NFT

Discord Site

Beginning in December 2021, this dynamic trio tossed around the idea of starting a project. Shaggy spent most of the holidays brainstorming during family gatherings. Bringing the idea to his soon to be partners, they had no idea what they were getting into. Friends for years, operating in the fitness world, and moving to the NFT space, Shaggy, Ullaz, and Cryptogirl mulled the ideas over until January 2022 when they decided to put things in to action. Endeavoring to learn every step of the process from scratch, the team set out to learn specific art styles, the minting process, and marketing strategies. Fostering the family feel in their discord community with the closeness they already maintained, this project plans to give back to its supporters heavily.

Aiming to provide vastly different collections of custom NFTs in their NFT Foundery ecosystem, their largest mint will contain only 100 total. The team has created their own minting utility, dubbed Build-A-Hound. With this utility, each user is able to completely customize their Hound with over 6.7 BILLION unique combinations possible. Out of the 100 Hounds that will be minted, this is a guarantee no two hounds will be the same. When you own one of these though, you are truly a part of the team. If being able to fully customize your own NFT wasn’t enough, when you hold one of the Hash Hounds (public mint Monday 9 May) you will be entitled to 50% profit share of the sales and 75% profit share on the royalties. They are also offering multi-mint discounts for their hounds!

During their journey Shaggy and crew have sought out ways to bring more people into the NFT community by sending free NFTs to first time holders across several platforms. Spreading the word about the NFT community, and Hedera specifically is a tough gig, but the crew at NFT Foundery are well suited for the challenge. Taking everything head on with a passion and willingness to learn, the trio really has embraced the creator lifestyle. With a vision to share their love for NFTs and eventually integrate into the metaverse, the team has their work cut out for them. 

As the project and community grow, there are plans to provide support for other NFT projects and setup donations to charities. These will be largely community driven decisions and will provide real ownership over the processes within the project. So, what are you waiting for? Hop in their discord and get to know this amazing team while designing your own custom Hash Hound!

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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