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Reap What You Sow

NFT Cryptology

The seasons don’t fear the reaper, and neither should you! You shouldn’t fear a single reaper from the mind of NFT Cryptology, they are all way too cool! That isn’t what really drives this project to be considered quality though. The art is definitely great, but it’s the drive of the team to create value that really drives home the fomo when you check them out. I have to say this is the first time I have tried to chase the reaper and not been the one chased.

Down and Dirty

Gen 0 – Aces

Max Supply – 13

Mint price – 125 HBAR

Floor price – Unknown


Gen 1 – Reapers

Max Supply – 58 – token consolidation soon

Mint price – 125 HBAR

Floor price – 1200 HBAR


Gen 2 – Reapers

Max Supply – 800 – Second Drop coming soon

Mint price – 225 HBAR

Floor Price – 450 HBAR


Zodiacs –

Max Supply – 480 (12 signs * 40 per sign)

Collectors’ Edition Role for owner of 12 Zodiacs.

Mint Price- 500H

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With the current #HederaHeatWave taking hold of the market, it’s nice to see some of the long-term projects gaining recognitions. One such project is the Reapers, created by the team at NFT Cryptology. Jose is the project lead, Brayan is the dev, and Luan is the artist. Jose has experience working as a business consultant and utilizes this knowledge to help his project maintain momentum building the value for their holders. Brayan is a skilled web and app developer whose skills can be seen on their site. These two enjoy the sunshine in Florida, soaking up the rays and contemplating moves. Finally, their artist Luan is a tattoo artist and painter from Colombia. This dynamic trio comes together into one formidable team.

The project first began when Jose and Brayan were discussing the amazing opportunities available by using Hedera. They wanted to start something to build a better future. When Brayan learned he was going to be welcoming his first child into the world, the fire was lit to get the project moving. Finding their artist’s work on Instagram, they reached out and these three have been rocking ever since.

“We don’t beat the reaper by living longer, but by living well, and living fully – for the reaper will come for all of us.” – Randy Pausch

The first collection from the NFT Cryptology team was a fun unicorn which did not take off as expected. After that, the team packed it in and gave up. The end. NO!! Not these guys. They shifted their focus to the Reapers collection to capture the polarized sides of light and dark in the universe. Currently the Gen 2 Reapers utility is being built to combine 3 to evolve into an ultra-powerful Reaper. This will lead to deflation of the Gen 2 supply while allowing for exciting new combos.

Behind the scenes is the really exciting work being done, which is the development of a game. This will allow holders to utilize the traits of their Reapers to eventually earn a REAPER token. The team is also finalizing a Zodiac line that is exclusively available to holders of the Gen 2 reaper. For this collection, only 40 people will be able to hold a full set.

With all of these currently in development, the team is constantly looking for ways to bring value to their community and support other creators in the Hedera NFT space.

Hedera is Heating up

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