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I conducted another small interview via email with Max Walker-Williams. For those of you that are unfamiliar with him, I invite you to check out his Youtube Channel. Also for those that would like to follow him on Twitter his profile is here. Link to Website here.

How did you first learn about Hedera and Hbar? 

Mike Maloney’s YouTube series about money. He mentions Hbar in one of the episodes, I owe that man a lot! 

Do you currently hold other coins still or are you all in on Hbar?

No, I own other coins and to be all in on anything is never wise no matter how good it is. I own CKB, KDA, XRP, Safemoon (I’m a Billionare!) OMI among a few other ‘meme’ coins. 

I ask this question to everyone because it is very interesting to see the variety of answers. What is your favorite Hedera use case and why?

It’s the project I’m currently working on because some of the worlds best coders, developers and designers are involved, it’s a use case that is so exciting and will draw real world wide attention to the network in a very positive way. It’ll also introduce influential people world to the project that otherwise may never have heard of it. I can’t wait until I can talk about it in detail. 

Being a Hotel owner, do you have any plans to accept Hbar at any of your properties?

Yes absolutely, Walker&Williams 5* Aparthotels will be accepting Hbar very shortly, in fact it’s something we’re working on right now. 

Do you have any plans to open a Hotel in the states?

Not at the moment but never say never! 

Do you draw the graphics on your chalkboard in your videos by yourself or do you have someone helping you? 

No, I do every single bit of the board myself, always have and always will. It’s important to me that it’s my hand and my words. 

What is the most exciting part of your NFT project in your mind?

As my YouTube channel and Twitter etc socials hopefully grow I physically won’t have enough time to respond to everyone. To date I’ve managed to keep up and reply to every single comment on YouTubes and Twitter myself but this is getting harder and harder to do. Therefor I have to be able to separate out the people who have a stake in my community and care enough to invest in me as a creator the time and response they deserve. Among many other cool things (like the digital treasure hunt for 15,000 Hbar that’s just concluded) remaining in contact with people who deserve it is important and exciting to me. 

(VIP Submitted Question @mingodotnews) What are you using the funds for to build after you sell these NFTs? 

The funds will be used to further grow and strengthen the community through competitions, prizes and games. They will also facilitate making better YouTube videos, allow travel for more interviews, higher production quality, hopefully further growing the community and so on in a positive cycle. 

(VIP Submitted Question) What made you fly out to Texas to interview Mance & Leemon in person when you could have conducted the interview virtually? 

There are so many virtual interviews and I wanted to stand out, I also wanted to ask questions that no one else has or (for whatever reason) won’t ask, like about the price of Hbar for example. To fly all that way shows that I respect them and that I am asking the more sensitive questions from a good place. Lastly I knew because they were good men that they’d allow me longer if I flew all that way than if I just zoomed them. 

Plus I thought it would be a good week away for Big Boss and I, and I was right, we had a fantastic time.

Being as you are a successful investor, have a successful youtube channel, and own a collection of properties; is there any advice you would give aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Yes, work harder than everyone else you know and be so good they can’t ignore you. If you do these two things and take the opportunities that will inevitability present themselves as a result you will be successful. How successful depends on what you chose to work hard at there’s a lot more money in tech than in rare books for example. 

Can you tell our readers something that people may not know about you?

I can juggle. 

Hbar holders always seem to panic when the price drops. Do you have any thoughts on long-term holding or even an end of year price prediction? (Disclaimer: this is not financial advice and neither Max or Hbar news are financial advisors and all readers must do their own due diligence)

That isn’t a special thing about Hbar holders, it’s true of all humans. It’s a big part of why we have price boom and busts, both are excellent opportunities if you know how to act in each. Price prediction is a posh way of saying what’s your guess? I don’t guess because what’s the point? Your guess is as good as mine and if you watch my channel you know everything I know so you tell me.

Lastly, if you had the ears or in this case the eyes of the entire Hbar community what would you tell them?

Hbar is undervalued and can’t stay that way forever and thank you for all the kind support you show me, I’m just getting started it’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share it all with you. 

Image provided by Max Walker-Williams

Interview conducted by Peter G. Uliano

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