Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love pizza!? These dudes from South Africa just came in from the crypto space, kicked down the door and are handing everyone a slice! This past week I had the pleasure of speaking with this zaney duo, PandaH and Stylez. Let me tell you, if you were ever chillin’ with buddies on a weekend, and thought “MAN, I could really go for some pizza,” you’ll want to jump in this community and figure out how to get a slice or two for yourself.

Down and Dirty

Gen 1 Mint – May 20 Whitelist and Free mint, May 21 Public

Supply – 750 First Drop

Price – 250 HBAR

Links: Twitter | Discord 

Keeping with the true Pizza Party theme, the creators built the community on the idea of a fun and light-hearted project. In their discord, their whitepaper discord icon is a roll of toilet paper. Obviously, they don’t take things too seriously. In times like these it’s important to have a laugh. The pizza isn’t all easy going though. These slices are highly detailed and meant to be blown up and printed for wall art. The creators are using this insane detail, and fun idea to spread the word of NFTs, especially in South Africa where the scene is pretty under-developed. 

With the community they had built behind the idea of a cheesy pizza party, they polled to see where the project should mint. Looking to the tried-and-true Ethereum chain, they found asinine gas fees blocking buyers from projects. Turning to the cheap chain of Solana they noticed it crashed more than waves on the beach. Finally, the community decided they would like to try XRP and HBAR for minting. With true XRP minting still in development, the team is launching their hot and greasy slices on Hedera, this weekend! 

With the pizza party theme, the project wants to make sure they enjoy the community and don’t plan to spam mass messages to cheaply gain followers. The creators truly want to mold the space into a friendly community where anyone can com in and have fun. Once you mint your slices you’ll be labeled with roles in their discord from Home Slice (one piece) to Full Pie (eight pieces). Later utility will have serums to inject into your zombie pizzas (gross!). With art, pizza, and a fun community, what more could be desired? These guys aren’t planning to rest on their laurels, and there are talks of some really fun developments coming down the pipe. I can’t say too much because PandaH and Stylez don’t want to hype until they deliver but let’s just say you might be able to play with your food soon!

Join their discord and check out the vibes. There are regular duck races that are streamed to win whitelist and bring the group together. Its not all fun and games in the community. This team created a superhero themed pizza slice to auction for charity. The Thor pizza slice they crafted to collaborate with 32 NFT projects on the XRPL, raised over 3333 XRP worth of donations for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital charity. Give them a shout on all the great work they’re doing and see if you can find a piece that suits you!

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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