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NFTJesus – Ukraine Benefit Auction 

One of the first artists to release artwork on Hedera, NFTJesus who is well known for his “Saints of Hashgraph” which launched on GoMint during their POC launch, is embarking on a noble community initiative to release two brand new pieces via an auction on 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go directly to support the Ukrainian people. NFTJesus was born in Ukraine and so was his family, so it is a cause he is passionate about.

In order to ensure that funds are going directly to the people. NFTJesus is going to fly to Poland himself to disburse the funds and document his activities. This way those that bid or ultimately buy an NFT, do not have to worry about a charity using the funds correctly. They will be hand delivered in person by the artist himself and documented. 

NFTJesus reached out to some of us in the community to help spread the word and get this initiative going. We have been in a group chat and meetings to help him achieve the goal of the project and help him spread the word. This initiative has been a multiple party effort for coordination and logistics to help NFTJesus. The help in finding the venue to host the auction, promotion and help with technical aspects. Those who have been involved are Baptiste from Lazy Superheroes, Alex Taylor of Kpay & GoMint, Elizabeth Chase of HelloFuture Buzz, Milan also from GoMint & The HBAR Lounge and Myself, Peter Uliano. 

This is a project that is strictly brought to you by NFTJesus and is his idea and passion to help others in need. We simply acted as a guiding hand to help him find a marketplace to host, Technical advice, Press and Community awareness. 

The Details:

First launch will be limited edition NFTs in two categories of Bronze and Silver, which will be released this Thursday 10 March, which will lead up to the Gold event of two 1/1 NFTs which will be auctioned for 48 hours starting at 7pm est. Tuesday, 15 March and staying live for 48 hours until 7pm est. 17 March, so that every timezone will have an opportunity to participate in the auction and help donate to a cause that is bringing the world and the Hedera community together. 

A Call To Action:

This is a noble and noteworthy initiative by NFTJesus and I encourage all to help spread the word. We are a community and it is time to show the world what we can achieve when we work together in solidarity and what the Hedera community is made of. I have seen amazing things done by this community, met outstanding individuals and have known NFTJesus for over a year. We have became good friends and I would love to see his vision and the Hedera community at large in action to achieve something remarkable. I love this community and I for one am proud to be a part of it. So , let’s show the world what people can do when working together and show the Crypto-verse what Hedera as a community is capable of. 

Peter Uliano – Hbar News


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