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Warsome Wizards

We’re off to see the wizards; the Warsome Wizards of Hedera! Let’s land the house over there.  Once we land, be sure to hit that mint button and don’t miss your chance. Missing out on this project will be enough to turn even the nicest HBARbarian into a wicked witch! Now, sit back and allow me to regale you with the tale of the Warsome Wizards.

It all began on a particularly stormy stretch of days, when the elemental wizard Noaty, observed lightning striking in the Hedera lands.  He knew at once this was a sign to push into those lands and establish a great mecca, forged in the name of Hedera NFTs.  Calling to his companions, BCTrades the Divine, and Madsun the Architect they summoned Shredguy the Necromancer.  After telling Shredguy what had been witnessed, he began his craft, conjuring up wizards from across the lands, his favorite sculpted from the corpses of fallen wizards of the past. The other three were feverishly preparing their armies for what was to come, pioneering the land of Hedera and ensuring its settlers were awakened to the greatness the team brings with them.  

Each of the great wizards represents one of the four clans of the wizarding world. These clans each have special traits and will need to elect a leader among them to help them navigate the competition between clans for respect and wealth. For those looking to enlighten themselves and gain an advantage on the opposing clans, take a peek at the scroll of wisdom (whitepaper)

This will be no small undertaking. Whether in the mystical lands of Hedera, the home of the Warsome Wizards, or in the digital NFT space there will be no shortage of challenges. Noaty understood the potential Hedera offers projects, but also knew this is not a space for the meek. Having fewer projects and being a newer space than other chains like Solana or Ethereum means there isn’t as much hype for new projects and speculation is high. The team works together in synchronous harmony to bring this project to fruition and provide value to the community. They maintain lines of communication with their wizard hopefuls to quell any doubt about the progress.

Communication flows in the digital tavern, or twitter space hosted by Warsome Wizards and the team lifted spirits to new highs. The knowledge was obvious, and the overall team demeanor was confidence inspiring. The Warsome Wizards’ team maintained their humble nature while drawing a hard line not to allow their project to steer towards the cash grab sector- which houses so many projects today. The passion was obvious and the excitement for this project only grew for those in the audience. With a team as adamant as this one bringing value to their community and the Hedera/Crypto space, this is one train that won’t be slowing down anytime soon once it leaves the station.  

You’ll want to get in early and try to make it on the whitelist, so you know you won’t miss your ride! Perks of being on the whitelist also include no minting limits, while the public mint will be limited in quantity per person (wallet). Once minting is up – March 25th – on the Warsome Wizard’s site, make sure you have enough HBAR ready to exchange. Currently each wizard is expected to mint between 400 and 700 HBAR, which will be determined on mint day. With only 4200 wizards available, this is not your run of the mill big box store minting. These wizards will be unique and sought after for their role-play gaming adventures. 

Get your wands ready and check out their linktree while we count down the days until mint!

Leon O’Dochartaigh



Written by Hbar News


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