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Adamm Miquest – Provided by Adamm Miquest

Adamm Miguest, known just as “Adamm” on social media, is an artist from Chicago, Illinois and one of the top influencer photographers in the world having worked with Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Avani, etc. Hestarted experimenting with photography at a very young age and decided to become a professional photographer after finishing university. Post-university, Adamm spent a lot of time traveling through Europe, visiting over 30 countries, and shooting portraits with models in Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and many other major cities. Seeing the diversity of art from around the world really inspired Adamm to take his portraiture to the next level and work on something unique, avant-garde and thought-provoking. After months of brainstorming, Adamm finally had a breakthrough and thus, the “Paint Perfekt” series was born.

Provided by Adamm Miquest

About the Project:

Adamm started the “Paint Perfekt” series because of his desire to combine his hobby for painting with his true passion for portrait photography; as well as to add a project to the NFT World unlike any other that had come before it. Adamm noticed that with most photographs that included painted models; the model was usually overpowered by the extravagance of the paint design and in some cases, even the intricacies of the photography were less appreciated because of how detailed the paint design was.

Wanting to change this was really the catalyst of the “Paint Perfekt” series. Thus, Adamm’s goal with this series is to accomplish the difficult and complex task of keeping the model, the paint design and the photography in a symbiotic relationship so that all three aspects of the photo are hopefully perceived as equally impressive by the viewer. Adamm creates and hand paints every paint design in this series.

Provided by Adamm Miquest

How I Found Out About Hbar:
I was researching up and coming cryptos in late 2020 when I saw a youtube video about Hedera saying they had Google, Boeing, IBM, etc. on their governing council – I was like “how is this not huge yet?!” – So I invested early on and the more research I did, I realized Hedera is the future and can do insane things like 500,000 transactions across 8 continents in 1 second. So the first community I ever posted an NFT in was here on Hedera. I’m Hedera for life.

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Provided by Adamm Miquest

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