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Can NFTs have feelings?


Ever just lay on the couch after a hard day? Your body might not be moving but the feelings inside you shift and pulse, like a blob of energy trying to express your inner emotions. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an NFT that you could find that you really connected with during these times? You could stare at it for hours and just lose yourself in the feelings. This NFT just gets you. Search no more, crypto fam! NonFungibleBlobz (NFBz) is here to fill the void in your crypto wallet, and your heart.

The creator, Lauren, is a lover of painting, digital art, and Hedera. She combined her talents, and began creating the NFBz on the Hedera chain, expressing herself through seven definable traits. Styling these 1/1 NFBz to resonate with her audience. As a healthcare worker of the past 10 years, she has weathered the storm closer to the eye than most, and this art allows a wonderful outlet which we can all experience through her NFBz. When she’s not saving lives or rendering the latest set of blobz, Lauren enjoys exploring the natural world through hikes and biking, as well as reflecting while meditating and painting.

These NFBz are a true work of love, as they continue to evolve, being hand crafted, one by one to release 10-20 per week. There are 10,000 blobz total to seek out and connect with. Sometimes there are even super sneaky surprise drops when the mood strikes Lauren, so be on the lookout for those out-of-cycle releases on the project’s HashAxis. Always looking for ways to improve her craft, Lauren is learning new software tools like integrating the blobz into augmented and virtual reality environments. Soon enough, you could take your blobz to lunch and have them sitting at the table beside you.

As the project evolves, there are plans to introduce a governing council structure to the community. This will allow NFBz holders of 20 or more blobz to vote on decisions that will dictate the future of the project. This dynamic outlook will allow the NFBz to adapt to the constantly growing NFT space, add utility to the project, provide staking opportunities, and even collaborate with NFT artists from other projects.

Until utility is introduced, Lauren has ensured her work is still reaching out to affect positivity in the world. In quarter one 2022, over 100 blobz were sold, and 5% of the proceeds were donated to charity.  This quarter’s chosen charity was the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JRDF), who received over $260 USD from the project. As we head into quarter two, the NFBz will be raising funds to donate to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

So, head on over to the NonFungibleBlobz Discord and twitter to jump into the community, read the white paper, and check out what blobz are available on the HashAxis or Zuse markets.  You are sure to find a blob or two that you can really resonate with. Oh, and don’t forget to turn your volume up when you check out the blobz!

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