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Buberry Worldwide is a digital marketplace and resources digitizing service seeking to build resilient food systems. Connecting NFT utility, art, story, and real networking support, we have built a new investment means for food and producers. We service clients by digitizing their real-world assets, resources, skills, and products to be utilized on digital platforms.

This allows funding and resource support for farmers in research and implementation of sustainable agricultural systems by using fun mediums like NFT art and gaming to represent and tokenize value created through the functioning food system (farm, maintenance, processing, distribution, etc).

We have developed our online eco-investing competition to be based on real food producers and their connected processes. The money spent to play in our game is directly linked to the real-life farmers, educators, etc.


Our mission is to modernize agroforestry. Promoting the planting and staking of more trees and plants, teach valuable skills, create an exchange of knowledge and culture and build an independent food support network and economy based solely on production. We are the leading organization using DLT, NFTs, and Smart contracts for the direct funding of food systems to establish resources and skills based on local economic and societal factors.

We are making NFTs meaningful and stacking utility functions to recognize usually under appreciated values. Values like social contribution and education. We are adapting NFTs and digitization to the daily space through the lens of food production, curriculum development, farmer funding, regeneration, and gaming. We are tapping into a previously inaccessible capital system, and this will directly support and protect our local food systems.

Through the digitization of real-world assets and our dedication to placing increased value upon farmers, their processes, products, and existing ecological and cultural knowledge, Buberry Worldwide will correct the:

  • Current lack of appreciation and funding for industrialized agroforestry systems
  • Lack of tree, native, and biodiverse plantings region-wide
  • Visible and destructive effects of climate change

The support and implementation of strong agroforestry networks and land management practices, bolstered by stable funding and the expansion of sustainable workshops and educative resources and experiences, would address these core issues impacting Tennessee.

Ascii Deck first release:

Provided by Buberry Worldwide
partnering farmer, Eliza Greenman. Image provided by BuberryWorldwide
partnering farmers, Wes Wojtowicz. Image provided by Buberry Worldwide

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Emily Kendall – Marketing and Outreach Coordinator at Buberry


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