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Mint Marathon

In the words of the great musical entity Cage the Elephant, “there ain’t no rest for the wicked.” And if you’re in the NFT game, consider yourself wicked. The space was already simmering and with Warsome Wizards Whitelist mint midday on 6 April, the HBarbarians were sent off to the races for the past few days. 

Warsome Wizards:

WL Mint – 450 HBAR

Public Mint – 550 HBAR

24 hours, 6-7 April

No mint limit

4200 max supply

When whitelist for Wizards closed about 24 hours later, the project sat at about 50% supply sold. At this point Wizards had completed close to one million HBAR (945K) in mints. The site was barely able to keep up, and the Warsome community minted an average of 4.2 wizards per minute. As the announcement came for Wizards closing whitelist and opening public mint, Koalas announced their whitelist minting was open on the Zuse launchpad.

Koala Klub (Gen 1 Drop 2)

WL Mint – 250 HBAR

48 hours, 7-9 April

Mint limit – 2 Koalas per whitelist address

500 max supply (totaling 1000 Gen 1)

After 48 hours, the Koala Klub whitelist saw the sale of 72% of the 500 Koalas released in drop 2. The FOMO was mounting. At 8 AM PST, Saturday the 9th of April, Koala Klub opened their public mint and almost before the pre-written announcements were processed and published on twitter, the collection had been sold out. Within five minutes, announcements and celebrations of a sold-out drop were plastered across the space. This monumental release was concluded with a huge AMA session where the team announced there will be breeding utility soon, allowing the Koalas a deflationary aspect, increasing their rarity. Later in the night, about 10 PM PST, Warsome blew away the last of their mints to sell all 4200 wizards. Culminating with a discord voice celebration, the team was obviously exhausted but excited for their well-deserved sell-out. Whew! Good thing there weren’t any other project with events going down in the last week. Oh wait.

In roughly the last week, we have seen some of the biggest, fastest, most hyped releases in Hedera history. Thankfully, we have Hedera Drop to keep track of all of this madness for us! Just a sampling of the highlights I saw through my discord jumping adventures:

Happy Hash Frogs 100 1/1 collection mint sold out in a matter of seconds – stay tuned for more info, but spoiler alert, on top of being super cool PFPs these are tickets to The Ivy metaverse

The Revolution Starts Tomorrow released their Series 1 which include 1/20s for 500 HBAR and 1/1s for 5000 HBAR. These act as passes into the Official TRST Club which offers a ton of perks

UGA Nation crossed to Hedera to unleash their madness on the hashgraph. This project sold out Sunday 10 April and secondary will be listed on Zuse

Hash Homies public mint opened up with plans for follow on charity and metaverse projects – more details soon!

With all these amazing teams pouring their hearts into Hedera, saying I am excited for the future of Hedera NFTs is a strong understatement. April is just getting started and there are many more projects waiting to blow you away. Who was your favorite mint/release in the last week or so? What project is building behind the scenes and has your hype-meter pinned? Tag me in your favorites on twitter, and let’s get these projects exposure!

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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