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Mintmaster: With the commencement of this new year, Hedera has seen an explosion of NFT projects in the ecosystem with many more creators working on their unique artworks and their social visibility. Lack of good and reliable minting tools is the need of the hour which will drive the NFT space even further.

Developers from Mintmaster

Developers from Mintmaster has been working on a mass minting tool to allow creators on Hedera to mint a number of NFTs inside a collection and the tool is in testing phase internally. The tool comprises an admin panel where creators can sign up using their twitter handles and will get full access to the platform. The creators can then mint, list, unlist their collectibles for sale straight from their admin panel.

For early bird access of the tool the interested creators can fill the google form provided. They will be sent the link of the creators platform once live to test and review the platform for bugs.

Also you can visit Mintmaster website for purchasing available Spaceburds and Devilcat NFTs.

Google form:

Creators onboarding form

This write up was provided by Mintmaster at the request of Hbar News.

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