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MINGO Launches Tyson Fury NFT Collection – Feb 14th

MINGO is a complete ecosystem developed entirely on hedera. MINGO Consists of an interconnected network of 5 dApps: MingoWallet, MingoChat, MingoMarket, MingoLaunch & MingoPlay. MINGO is providing a solution for the average consumer, who may not be familiar with cryptocurrency. Their main focus is to bring Crypto to the Masses, simplifying communication and making peer to peer crypto transactions as easy as sending a text message.

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Image provided by MINGO

Dropping this Monday 14th of February exclusively on MINGO. The Tyson Fury NFTs will have a combination of 12 traits and 149 variations ensuring that each NFT is genuinely unique. The artwork for the collection was created entirely in-house by MINGO. The NFTs themselves bring with them some utility as well for a selection of holders which include:

  • – Access To MINGO Events
  • 20 Punch Packs (Tickets to Tyson’s next fight along with $1000)
  • – Memorabilia such as signed wraps, gloves, merchandise and images.
  • – Personal Video’s From Tyson himself

The Possibilities

Now based on the launch of MINGO and this tie in with NFTs from Tyson Fury I think it is fair to assume that MINGO is going to be jumping in head first into the Hedera NFT realm. I would venture further to speculate that maybe there is the possibility of tying gaming into these NFTs being launched on MINGO. Perhaps a boxing game featuring Tyson Fury himself in NFT form?

One of there Dapps is named “MingoPlay” so, I think it is fair to say they have plans revolving around Hedera and NFT gaming. What is not clear is how deep they will dive into NFTs, with all the buzz surrounding The Metaverse, could MINGO be up to something much more than they are letting on? Could they be the next player entering into the Metaverse through Hedera?

I personally think they might just leverage this buzz and their creation to drive a completely unique and user friendly experience to all aspects in this space including the Metaverse in the near future.


Already launched is MINGO’s native token MingoCoin. Within the app you can see see the image as well as the balance of this token that will be used within their platform for buying NFTS, Sending and receiving with peers and exchanging for other coins. This token will power their ecosystem which makes me again speculate that they might have a full NFT market in store for us in the near future.

They tweeted yesterday that for joining their discord you can claim some free coins. This brings me to my next point:


The good folks over at MINGO have graciously donated 1500 MingoCoins to do a giveaway. Hbar News will tweet the details of the contest and two (2) lucky winners will receive 750 MingoCoin each!

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By Peter G. Uliano – Hbar News

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Provided by MINGO

Written by Hbar News


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