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Metastable Enters into a Strategic Partnership with HBAR News

6 APRIL 2022 – Metastable has entered into a partnership with which is the go-to news site dedicated to the Hedera Hashgraph Ecosystem. will be, in part— Metastable’s stage to perform regular announcements and important community updates. The partnership goes a step further as Metastable’s team writers will contribute with Hedera-themed high-quality content that will be published alongside opinion pieces, comprehensive press releases, and top-notch articles.

The content contributed by Metastable will touch upon both existing concepts and concepts in development, as well as dive deeper into how things work. The written content will likewise touch upon what is possible with Hedera technology.

With this partnership and tight-knit collaboration, the Hedera ecosystem’s knowledge base is ensured to thrive and expand.

Co-Founder of Metastable says

“The partnership will ensure excellent information distribution on key topics and events in the Hedera ecosystem, as well as in the Metastable’s ecosystem—which is essentially a subset of the larger Hedera ecosystem.

The Hedera Hashgraph technology is very powerful and can generate an incredible amount of value. I believe the best way to achieve that is with a well-educated & informed community, which is why this partnership is so important.”

Peter Uliano, Founder of says

“I am more than pleased that Metastable has chosen Hbar News to be their go-to source to release updates and news. It is an honor and pleasure and I am thrilled by this partnership!”

The world of synthetic DeFi is about to become an exciting reality on the Hedera Hashgraph, make sure to follow both and Metastable Twitter accounts to be in the know.


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About Metastable:

Metastable will bootstrap the Hedera ecosystem with an all-in-one Synthetic Assets platform.
Provision of Synthetic Assets as Liquidity, acquiring shares of synthetic assets’ pools and other cutting-edge concepts available on the Metastable platform will revolutionize trading for many crypto users. 


Hbar News aims to be the go to place for all HBAR and Hedera related news, information and entertainment. Not only do we report the news but we aim to show Hedera in action. Our mobile ads are powered by AdsDax, a Hedera use case, we showcase community NFTs in our “NFT Spotlight” series and we aim to bring more function and features in the near future.

Written by Hbar News


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