King of the Roost

The Rooster Cartel

There can be only one ruler of the roost and the Rooster Cartel is here to take the crown. From the team that brought you HBAR Migos, these bad ass roosters are coming to claim their place in the Hedera NFT space.

Down and Dirty

Gen 0 – Minting page: (WL 4-19 // Public 4-20)

Max Supply – 550

Whitelist Mint Price – 300 HBAR

Public Mint Price – 400 

Airdrops –125 Migo Holders will receive Roosters dropped directly to their wallets

Utility – Rooster Breeding, Farming for NFT drops, Rooster Cartel game!

Links: Twitter | Site | Mint | Discord

With an overall project named Migos World, you know this team is all about the community. After having the initial idea for the project world in September 2021, Migos World was founded by Mauii in November 2021. HBAR Migos quickly grabbed the attention of his friends from high school. Luckily, this dude has very skilled friends. With Mauii, Serge, and Swurls leading the way with the art, Vikko holds down the software engineering, while Tokomex rocks the partnership development. While being based in the US and Mexico, the team wants to grow the Latin NFT community in Hedera, bringing awareness and value to the community as a whole. 

Bringing true community to online spaces can be a daunting task but the Migos have a no holds bar approach to crush this goal. Providing a great supportive and welcoming community isn’t just a dream though. Spreading love and positivity is second nature to this group, who says one of their favorite parts of this NFT journey has been the learning experience gained throughout. This team seriously gives you the best, welcoming feel when you join in. If you have read previous NFT spotlights, you’ll see a common theme. There are multiple mentions of the HBAR Migos team helping other projects get off the ground and feel welcomed to the Hedera Space. Coupling this team and the HashDudes devs for launch platforms, the Hedera NFT space is in good hands. HBARbarians from around the world will feel right at home as they find these teams spreading positivity in the space.

On top of positivity, the Migos team is dropping their Roosters for the world to collect. Once you have minted your Rooster Cartel rooster, be sure to check out the Migos Discord for the utility portion of the plan. The team is in the process of implementing NFT farms, rooster breeding, and even a game is in development for holders of the Rooster Cartel NFTs. This project team is already tops in welcoming community and providing value, so how could they possibly improve? How bout this?

With the Gen 0 drop coming up, the team plans to donate 5% of the mint proceeds to Save the Kids in Mexico. Once mint is complete, the giving doesn’t stop. With secondary sales, the team will donate 1% to Save the Kids in Latin America. The team also has plans to hold auctions and use the funds to provide food, clothes, and blankets to homeless shelters once the mint has wrapped up. 

“I believe in making the world a better place. We may not save the world, but we can save one kid at a time.”


As far as I know, the good word of Migos has spread far and wide. If you have not joined in yet though and are curious, please go check out the Migos World discord and say hello. They will get you started on your way to learning and enjoyment you had no clue you needed.

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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