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We all have a need to feel like we belong. There is something amazing to the feeling of being a part of a group or team. One great topic to unite groups of people is the game of chess. The fun strategy and competition behind every move. Each match is a chance to display your cunning and adaptability. Well, the team at Chess Club is developing the community to rally behind their very own chess play to earn game. This should be fun.

Down and Dirty

Max Supply of total collection– 1,333


Gen 1 (drop-1)- CUSTOM MADE CHESS NFTs

NFTs in drop 1- 666


Floor price – 300+ HBAR (TO BE DECIDED)




Gen 1(drop-2) – Release date and launchpad TBD

NFTS in drop 2 – 666

Mint price – (150-200 HBAR) TBD


So, let’s take a look at who these Chess Masters are that are building their club on Hedera. Chess-King is the founder and artist for the project. Immu is the head of the play to earn game development team. Together they have been playing chess since they were children. Always looking for ways to expand the love of chess to others, they recruited Hederian Z to the project staff and have begun unfurling their plans for domination.

Choosing Hedera for the platform is easy enough with the lightning-fast transactions and extremely low fees. Couple that with the eco friendly carbon footprint and low power usage, this hashgraph is on fire! Not literally, but I have heard the #HederaHeatWave is sparking up again. But, the Chess Club story begins before all of this hype reached the Hashgraph. In fact, this club was taking shape in the minds of its creators all the way back in December 2021.

The idea to bring chess to the NFT community in a long term, value driven project was still ethereal in March of this year. Luckily by April the team had opened a discord to begin the community growth. From there the response has grown more and more. With the news of consistent prizes for holders and the play to earn game in development, members are excited to be a part of such a unique idea brought to Hedera.

The team is building video NFTs to give next level products to their community and continue to engage in their chats and by playing a game or two of chess when time permits. As the NFT collection is rolled out, there are different benefits to holding various levels of NFTS.

For 1 NFT owned, you are entitled to an airdropped surprise gift.

For 2 NFTs owned, you are eligible for the International Master Club (IM-Club), airdrops of HBAR and NFTs.

For 4 NFTs owned, you are eligible for the Grand-Master Club (GM-Club), higher HBAR and NFT airdrops.

Finally, for 6 NFTs owned, you are welcomed to the Super Grandmaster Club (SGM-Club), the highest HBAR rewards yet, and NFT airdrops.

All Master Club and higher are limited to first come, first serve slots of 33 each.

Don’t be intimidated if Chess is new to you, or you are an average casual player. The team at Chess Club has different skill levels set up to help players find matches that will be fun and challenging. So, check them out on their discord and get a match going today!

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