Is Hbar Bear Proof?

Hbar Bear Proof

With Bitcoin nuking to sub 40K and Ethereum barely holding $2700 respectively, some crypto enthusiasts are beginning to prepare for hibernation. Entering a “Bear Market” in crypto is the equivalent to Dooms Day prep for some and Black Friday shopping for others.

Your placement depends on a variety of factors: trader, hodler, financial stability, available fiat, but most importantly your conviction to your chosen project.

For Hbar holders or as the community has coined themselves “Hbarbarians” this is an accumulation zone unless you are a SAFT OG of old and your bags are quite heavy already.

Why would one consider Hbar “Bear Proof”? Is it the never to be improved upon Math Proofs that Dr. Leemon Baird devised the Hashgraph from? Is it the new open-source news and potential Devs flocking to Hedera from Ethereum to avoid high gas fees and slow finality?

How about the unheard of “bull run” Chainlink had in the last major “bear market” while others slumbered. Who remembers the epic XRP rise at the end of the last bull cycle? Perhaps it is a variety of these factors combined, no one knows but one thing is for certain, taking all information into your decision-making process is definitely wise.

Personally, what keeps me hodling long-term is the fact that Hedera and the Hbar asset have never experienced a bull run and we don’t know how the market will respond. Will “FOMO” ensue when enterprise use cases go live, or will Hbar experience a 70-85% drop like most alts in this space?

Other important factors that may support the bear proof claim are the additional elements that Hedera and the newly created Hbar Foundation have promised for 2022.

Hbar staking, community nodes and rampant Hedera marketing of Hbar are on the horizon. What a tragedy it would be to sell Hbar now at a cool quarter, versus the unknow price projections based on strong fundamentals and the eventual markets realization that Hbar is the Ultcoin. Bear Proof or not, I will take my chances because I’ve invested money I can afford to lose!

Philip Oxendine



Written by Hbar News


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