If I only had an ℏBrain!


You don’t have to take a trip all the way to see the wizard for this brain! These trippy ℏBrains have made it to Hedera and are spreading their message of freedom across the hashgraph. 

Down and Dirty

Mint: June 11, 2022

Supply: 800

Price: 300 HBAR

Twitter | Discord | Site (with Litepaper) | Mint

 Before we go any further, I want to highlight the fact that this project refused to even give me info for their article until they had everything up to snuff and set to go. Talk about delivery before promises. Given the off the wall art and great atmosphere in their discord, I was already intrigued. Once they told me they wouldn’t get anything else going before their project was solid for the community I was pretty sold. I may not be a smart man, but I know what quality is. I needed a brain, or five. 

The team is comprised of three friends: THEBOBROSS, AREM, and Fry. Fry and AREM had been friends since diapers and were off enjoying the midnight sun in Alaska when they met THEBOBROSS. Hitting it off during a fishing charter, they kept in touch through their travels. Once they returned home, they realized all three lived near each other and a tight knit friendship was formed. Joining the Hedera community from sunny Southern California, the trio is all about free-thinking. The team decided to turn their ideas into reality in December 2021 and created the ℏBrain twitter to begin their project’s journey. It didn’t take much debate to determine Hedera was the platform for them. Hashgraph is the obvious big-brain choice and has such a vibrant NFT community. 

“We’ve always paved our own way and never followed the masses”

 To foster an environment of free-thinking, the ℏBrain team opened their community discord with roles reflecting the level which your brain is used. Soon there will be more roles added to reflect the level of holding in each user’s wallet. With minting rolling, the team will be opening The Think Tank, a token-gated club within the discord which allows members to commune with like-minded members. As they say, “brain sharpens brain.” This exclusive club will be a place to connect, recharge, and discuss important matters with fellow brains. While the world is gripped in fear, this club will allow a safe haven to inspire and think freely. Within the club, the distinct roles will allow for varying perks.

Using royalties, the team will sweep the floor of the secondary market and hold giveaways within the different roles to reward holders. This system will reward holders with more brains and allow the community to stay tight knit, creating a platform for close friends to stay connected and meet like-minded members of the ℏBrain holder community. 

Rather than setting lofty, flashy expectations and struggling to achieve them during this bear market, the team of ℏBrains has set out to create cool art and an even cooler community. If you enjoy chill, intelligent conversation then this project may be just the place for you! With about 600 remaining for mint on Zuse Launchpad at the time of writing, there may still be time to jump in. 

As we wrap up this Spotlight, I want to make sure everyone understands the need to conduct your own research. Don’t put your resources into a project if you haven’t investigated them, to make sure you’re comfortable with the investment risk. These articles are written with my own research and input from the teams, but I cannot guarantee successful returns of investment. As a rule, I try to invest in the projects I write about to put my money where my mouth it. That doesn’t mean I am able to indorse the project as stewards of your hard-earned HBAR, only you can make that decision. Use your brains! 

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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