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How Big Can ESG Be?

What is the environmental, social, and corporate governance excitement (ESG) surrounding Hedera Lately? ESG has stolen the staking spotlight for the moment and rightfully so. With the Hbar Foundations commitment to the $100 million dollar Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF), there is little room for doubt that Hedera is taking sustainability very serious. Considering the White House’s recent Executive order hints at a massive focus on “Mainstream” adoption and a federal focus on equity and the environment. Hedera’s corporate mantra has left some a bit bitter, but when the Whitehouse wants something (sustainability) to become mainstream it usually happens. Hedera has taken note and is providing a seamless transition to achieve this goal. The White House stated,

“Mainstream sustainability within the federal workforce, advance equity and environmental justice, and leverage partnerships to accelerate progress.”

Hedera has positioned itself to be the leaders in sustainability and Shanye Higdon has received some positive praise for his strategic work with the Hbar Foundation and the creation of the SIF. The first real world emission tracking project went live last Friday and was announced by Meeco. Hedera tech makes this tracking solution possible on the ledger through the ‘token visualization tool” according to CoinDesk. The Trustury interface via the Guardian application supported by Meeco utilizes Hedera to measure, report and verify that carbon accounts are accurate and being properly removed through specific land-use and eco-friendly farming. 

What is Trustury and how does Guardian and Meeco come together for this sustainability solution? First we must discuss what undergirds this revolutionary ESG movement. Hedera is at the heart of the Trustury platform made by Meeco and built on Hedera. Why Hedera? Hedera has been selected for this application due to its carbon negative footprint, extremely high throughput for large scalable solutions to real world problems and offers the highest level of security mathematically possible Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (ABFT). Hedera has claimed to be the “trust layer” of the internet, and for too long that has been a catchy slogan with little proof to back the claim. That sentiment is changing as larger corporations (like Meeco) are literally choosing Hedera for its ability to share trusted information in an extremely efficient and safe (ABFT) manner. The Guardian supports regulatory compliance with existing data laws through the use of decentralized identifier (DID) method as part of the Hedera consensus service.

“The Guardian is a modular open-source solution that includes best-in-class identity management and decentralized ledger technology (DLT) libraries. At the heart of the Guardian solution is a sophisticated Policy Workflow Engine (PWE) that enables the ability for applications to offer a requirements-based tokenization implementation.”

The behind the scenes work that has went into ensuring Hedera is at the forefront of worldwide suitability is evident. Hedera’s approach has been methodical and they will soon reap the benefits of such labored tasks. In a recent Twitter post I attempted to give credit to Shayne of the Hbar Foundation and Hasker CMO of Hedera for their work on the sustainability side of things. However, Hasker was quick to point to the efforts of Wes Geisenberger. The famed Wes Geisenberger, VP of ESG at the Hbar Foundation supports and targets the work associated with ESG compliance and functionality. The practical applications arising coupled with the Biden Executive Order are leading the way through this innovate tech in a nascent industry.

Market Sentiment – With Hedera positioning itself to be the leader in sustainability and the overall market starting to trend upwards, coupled with Hbar staking coming soon, one may surmise that Hbar has the potential to gain value in the eyes of market makers. Coincidently, Hbar has seen an increase in value over the past week as market conditions improve. With live applications, staking and much more coming to Hedera I would personally reevaluate my Hbar position if I were you. I am not a financial advisor, do with this information what you deem necessary.

Philip Oxendine



This article contains forward looking statements and speculation on part of the writer and is the writers personal views and opinions. Nothing should be taken as financial advise and all readers should do their own due diligence

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