Hedera’s Missing Marketing


Every other major cryptocurrency has had ads, sponsorships, something. So, why has Hedera not done ANYTHING?? This Hashgraph technology is boasted as among the top in the world. Earlier this year, Hedera made the switch to be open source. Since then, they have been making moves to garner more of a customer base. Largely though, the NFT community has felt neglected by the overall HBAR movement. That is, until this year’s NFT NYC, where Hedera pulled out all the stops and was the main attraction as visitors and locals walked through the city.

Down and Dirty

NFT NYC Dates June 20-23

NFT Social Mentions 

May 24th – 71K

June 28th – 275K (75% increase)

HBAR Social Mentions

May 27th – 2.5K

June 26 – 11.8K (79% increase)

Social metrics from LunarCrush


With the massive event looming in June this year, Hedera quietly put out a google form with requests to NFT projects to fill out. This allowed the projects to be highlighted in the NFT NYC ads June 20-23. Being the first year, the number of responses was amazing, and the ads turned out to be a great sampling of the community. In upcoming iterations of the event, Hedera will surely have a more finely tuned process and be more in tune with their NFT HBARbarians. There were several high-ranking projects that were not featured in the ads, and it was noticed throughout the Hedera NFT social communities. Still, this was a great first step in Hedera’s marketing campaign. NFT NYC is a massive event that garners an insane amount of attention.

“This, to me, is Woodstock”

-New York Times

In addition to the AWESOME ads running throughout NYC during the NFT conference, Hedera has added a killer section to their own website featuring NFTs. This page showcases why Hedera is the perfect platform for major NFT projects to use as well as some utility apps to get newcomers started. Again, there are some obvious disconnects from Hedera the corporate entity and their NFT community. Listing Hashaxis in their marketplace listing, while leaving out Hashguild and Hashtools which push this community and technology further daily. We all had our fun on Hashaxis, but it has been riddled with rug artists from day one, and it is past time for them to update their system or for the community to move on completely.

 Aside from poor communication with the community, which I am sure will improve through future campaigns, this new push to market is right on the nose. As a cryptocurrency HBAR is a leader in cheap, secure and fast transactions. As a technology the Hashgraph is unmatched for use cases. In the NFT side the Hedera community has the top artists and project teams in the world. We just need quality marketing to show the quality on the Hashgraph. One super cool way to support projects and advertise in public is swag. HelloFutureBuzz runs a swag store with NFT art to proudly rock your favorite expensive JPEGs from around Hedera.


 The bear market continues to take its toll on crypto and NFT projects with no clear end in sight. As is does, the builders will continue to build. More and more degens will grow tired of high fees from Ethereum and unreliable network issues from Solana. They will need a place to go, and Hedera will be here so welcome them. We just have to make sure we spread the word. Let your friends know about Hedera and all of its superb utility. 

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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