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The HBAR foundation’s Shayne Higdon and Hedera’s Chief Marketing Officer Christian Hasker have promised to “Hype the Substance” and boy, oh boy they are not playing games! Ironically, the opposite is quite true and #Hbarbarians everywhere are ecstatic that Hedera has entered the gaming world with Ubisoft. The Hbar Foundation and Hedera both announced a massive partnership with Ubisoft, one of the global leaders in gaming. Ubisoft has produced blockbuster hits such as Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia and Rayman 2: The Great Escape just to name a few.

Hbar enthusiasts everywhere have glimmers of Axie Infinity, Decentraland and Sandbox like moves for Hbar in the future. The transition to Metaverse buzzwords have loads of eyes on the virtual space, and gaming is obviously no exception. The previously mentioned Gaming/Metaverse tokens have soared in recent months with the likes of Facebook rebranding to become Meta with an intentional focus on developing the Metaverse. With further developments in the gaming industry, Hbar enthusiasts are eyeing similar moves for the Hbar token.  

“Through this initiative, Ubisoft and the HBAR Foundation are forming a deep collaborative partnership, which recognizes the value proposition the Hedera network presents for the video games industry,“

stated Alex Russman of the HBAR Foundation.

Ubisoft has already dabbled in the NFT space with Animoca Brands, an NFT game publisher that Ubisoft has invested into heavily. The attributes that brought Ubisoft to Hedera include fast, fair transactions with the ability to scale and handle 10,000 transactions per second, and that is before sharding is implemented. Hedera also boasts environmental friendliness as one of the greenest layer 1 networks which happens to be carbon negative. Hedera also prides itself on being ABFT secure. Lately unnamed networks have suffered outages due to DDoS attacks rendering the network useless.

Coincidently Ubisoft formerly had a partnership with another network: Tezos, but still decided to bring Hedera onboard to further expand market dominance. Ubisoft is setting up a Hedera specific track into the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab. The Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab supports technological startups on a global scale with a focus on the future of gaming. Imagine a world of gaming where players compete with confidence, knowing that hedera is ordering transactions or moves in the game in a fast and fair manner. Gone will be the days of ‘cheat codes” or “hacks” that give an unfair advantage. Hedera being the ”trust layer” of the internet and the face of fair gaming is yet another step towards global adoption. 

Hello Gaming – Hello Future!

Philip Oxendine

PhilFizz @POX_Hunter


Written by Hbar News


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