Hedera is Open-Source! Now What Charles?

Hedera is Open-Source Hedera’s world renowned tech and patented code is now open-source and ready for developers far and wide to hash out (pun intended) future Dapps, DAO’s and DeFi galore. Charles Hoskinson founder of Cardano has openly criticized Hedera for their patented closed-source code. Charles even went so far to describe Hedera’s decision to patent the code as unsavory at best.

Famed YouTube video:

Once questioned during what has now become a famed YouTube video about the superior tech that is Hedera, Charles suggested a couple actions that Hedera could accomplish and still not make him (Charles) bat an eye.

Curing cancer and something less mind “blowing” are still not satisfying enough for Hoskinson to put on the trusty dated spectacles and read Hedera code. Not that Hedera cares or that his lack of foresight and future vision of the beast that Hedera will become matters anyway.

Now the longtime critic can strike “Centralized” off the old “FUD” list. Anyone is now free to take Hedera for all her glory and develop whatever their hearts desire. Even the Ole Cardano Master Creator can no longer ignore what the future for Hedera may hold. Boasting over 2 billion transactions since inception, several orders of magnitude more than Cardano.

Hedera is quietly becoming one of the most talked about FinTechs in the world today. Hedera’s global governing body, regulation in the crypto space looming, world class organizations building in silence and now an open-source platform available to all, makes Hedera poised for a tidal wave of development.

Hashgraph that is Hedera

The Hashgraph that is Hedera is going to change the world as we know it. Even the likes of Cardano must admit that the path to decentralization is often slow at first, then suddenly as quoted by Harmon himself. What does the future hold for Hedera?

This question is yet to be resolved but Close-Source and Centralized will have no place in the mouth (pun again) of critics such as Hoskinson.

Article by:

Philip Oxendine



Written by Hbar News


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