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Hedera is Heating up

Hedera’s on fire! Obviously, you have to sing that in your best Alicia Keys voice. If you’ve been connected to any social media lately, you are most likely being blast with questions about Hedera, $HBAR, and the NFT community that thrives on the hashgraph. Not only has the ecosystem been reaching new milestones lately, but Hedera’s NFT NYC marketing campaign really seems to have reached out and grabbed attention.

From complaints of NFTs being dead to crypto being a complete rug, to rumors that everyone supposedly left the space, the folks building on Hedera have kept grinding on. Ignoring the noise has been easy when surrounded by the amazing builders in this space. Seeing continuous announcements of new utility coming to Hedera keeps the motivation. So, what’s new on the block graph?

SaucerSwap – while not a new name in the space, their swapping, staking, and liquidity pools are opening on July 23rd!

Site | Discord | Linktree

Hashport – enabling cross-network transfers between digital currencies. Time to exchange that dusty $ETH for some $HBAR!


Hashpack – the staple $HBAR wallet has been continuously updating and improving the services provided to users. We are still waiting on mobile apps, though.

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HBarSuite – boasting smart-contract-less defi on Hedera. On July 16 they launched Hederian Dragons Gen 1 NFT collection as their first launchpad use. This launchpad is an addition to their DEX and staking utilities.

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Zuse Marketplace – this is close to being the one stop shop for Hedera NFTs. Healthy competition is a wonderful thing, but right now Zuse is the undisputed king of the markets and recently hit over 2 million $HBAR in a 24-hour period. This comes shortly after their update to NFT listing interface which allows the seller to keep the NFT in wallet until a sale is completed.

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Around the twitter space, Hedera has been gaining more and more attention, as seen in Matt Chase’s tweet:

Those are great numbers to see boosting. It is about time Hedera got some attention. Also trending is the #HederaHeatWave. But, in the words of Mark Hanna (played by Matthew McConaughey) in The Wolf of Wall Street; “You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers, in this racket!”

As Hedera continues to explode with the efforts of tireless builders, it will garner more attention from investors. The ecosystem is known as kind and welcoming. This has long been attributed to the small size of the community, but with an influx of new people, we all need to make sure we don’t lose touch with our roots. Continue to grow and expand, enjoy the spotlight, but do not lose sight on how this space has gotten where it is and the truly heart-warming connections everyone has made along the way.

Be sure to check out the sites and give feedback so they can continue to improve. Spread the word to bring more into the space and gain exposure for the hashgraph technology. Check in with me on twitter or discord and let me know what other developments are out there that I should check out!


We rise!


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