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Hedera Hippie Skulls

Ossuary of Hippie Skulls

Projects boast the perks of community within the ranks of their holders. What does that really mean at the end of the day though? Could you get any better than a project team that is more than a group of friends? What if they are family? This is what you get when you buy in to the Ossuary of Hippie Skulls. The founder, David Bruce aka TrashMuppet, is partnered with his son to create the art for minting and bringing members into the community.

Down and Dirty

Gen 1 – Supply 750

Mint – WL 50 HBAR / Public 100 HBAR

Floor Price – 100H

1 for 1 air drops of Dirty Cheetahs (FP: 60H)


Gen 2 – Supply 750

Mint – OG 50 HBAR / WL 100 HBAR / Public 150 HBAR


Gen 3 –

Mint – OG 75 HBAR / WL 150 HBAR / Public 250 HBAR

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Through this bear market dip and subsequent Hedera heat wave, and cooling process we have seen an explosion of attention from projects coming to Hedera. Many of these have been notably bland to obviously stolen art. In stark contrast to this bleak landscape are the Hippie Skulls that David and his son have been creating. This project has real substance for art and good vibes.

David himself is an art major who has graduated with honors from art school focusing in Film and Video Production. His obsession with art was apparent from a young age and he has spent 5 years as a tattooist and works on printmaking as a hobby. With these passions, his time is overall devoted to his family and son. His son, Fox, is 3.5 years old and painted the fox skull editions himself.

Through these artistic skulls, David plans to offer much more in the future, including PFPs, metaverse interaction, staking, and P2E gaming. This blooming of life and growth comes from the skulls which are a manifestation of David’s obsession with death. A trip across central Europe led him to the Sedlec Ossuary at Kutna Hora and solidified his view of death as beautiful.

Putting his obsession to work, David wants to spread this art project of his through the Hedera ecosystem and is focusing on building the future of the project bringing more value to the community with each iteration. So, don’t be afraid of the outlandish artwork, go check out David and his son’s project! Join in the discord to get more info about what’s coming up soon.

The Phantom of Hedera

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