Hedera Gone Wild!

In the ultimate demonstration of true decentralization, Personal Access an Adult Entertainment platform is “pulling out” all the stops with its release of NFT 18+, a hub coming to the Hedera network in 2022. The Hedera NFT marketplace has been booming as of late, with the likes of Hash Axis, D-Pub and the soon to come Speaking of soon to come, Personal Access is opening doors to dethrone such organizations like “Only Fans” and the whole Adult Entertainment industry with one big blow. 

When we talk about Hedera and true decentralization, we must address the governing council members and their diversity. The Hedera Governing Council (GC) seats some of the leading organizations across the globe. The GC members run nodes positioned across the planet geographically by distance on all continents except Antarctica (Dr. Leemon has ambitions for a node there as well). GC members are diversified across a variety of industries to include the banking sector, gaming, legal, universities, communication services and utilities. Lastly, Hedera’s GC members are spread across time with term limits to ensure that fresh ideas are always coming down the pipe. 

Personal Access will be utilizing Hedera for its mere seconds to finality, a trait typically frowned upon in the Adult Entertainment industry. Personal Access will benefit by using Hedera, the network is Carbon Negative, boasts 10,000 transactions per second and is immutable. The ability for Hedera to scale may also prove useful in the future as Personal Access starts to swallow its share of the Adult Entertainment market. Hedera is slowly creeping into all facets of life, be it provocative or not. 

The beauty of Hedera, and the notion of decentralization is that there is no leader, anyone can build whatever they like “on top” of Hedera. Those applications and use cases may appeal to a variety of users with some being perceived as unsavory. No one entity can dictate what applications Hedera is utilized for. The mantra of decentralization holds true for Hedera, individuals are free to utilize the network, so long as they have the Hbars required. 

Whether one approves of Personal Access and their NFT 18+ proposition or not is of no concern to Hedera. In a paraphrased statement by Dr. Leemon Baird, “I hope Hedera is used for good to better this world, but if someone uses Hedera in a manner that I do not approve of there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.” This proves that the creators of the Hedera network had the vision of decentralization long before it became trendy in the Twitterverse. 

When Hedera’s Chief Marketing Officer Christian Hasker asks the famed question, “What will you build?” with the silky-smooth voiceover he means it! You have to luxury to create Personal Access sites with shareable content with those 18 and older or sell “Girl Scout” cookies and keep an immutable record of who ordered what and when. The point being made, is that you have the freedom to make Hedera your own and carve out your niche in this world. Hedera merely provides the blade!

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