One million entities created on Hedera

As of Monday June 13th, 2022, there are officially over 1 million unique addresses on Hedera. Celebrations are in order for sure, but there is still a lot of ground to cover. The poster child for defi, Ethereum, for example is sitting around 200 million. Have no fear! The hashgraph is really, only just beginning to find its stride. 

 This milestone comes within five months of Hedera going open source. Since then, the building has gone into overdrive. The addresses included in the one million are wallets, token IDs, NFTs or other on chain entities. Keeping in mind the max supply of HBAR is 50 billion, this means only 50,000 HBAR could be allocated to each wallet once there are a total of one million hashgraph wallet IDs. At the time of writing, that 50K HBAR would be worth about $3500 USD. Congratulations to the owner of Hedera address 0.0.1000000!

With apps like Calaxy, Stader, and HBARSuite leading the ranks of projects building utility on and for the hashgraph, and many more behind the scenes, pushing the limits. Calaxy has their social media app in the works to connect the space, with close to 10k followers watching their progress. Stader has over 577 million HBAR locked in staking, worth around $38 Million USD – earning around 42% currently. HBARSuite has over 7 million HBAR worth of HSuite token exchanged already in their presale. Projects are working, and the community is responding. I couldn’t think of a better place to be or a better community to be apart of during this time of absolute financial mayhem. 

 Growing in a bear market cycle isn’t easy. Especially as one of the underdogs of the crypto space. There is blood in the streets of the crypto space, and yet the word is spreading! According to LunarCrush, there were over 10 million engagements across social media for Hedera today. The quiet giant is in the midst of a great awakening. I can only imagine how this will take off once the markets return to bullish sentiment. With crypto being last to see the influx of investments and first to see them drain away, the NFT game is the canary in the mines. That being said, you would think such a young market as Hedera NFTs would be ground to a halt right now. Yet Zuse Marketplace alone shows 9 million HBAR in total volume traded, and 100K of those being in the last 24 hours. 

The market is growing and expanding faster every day. This is one of the most exciting times to be in crypto. Last year most of us thought we missed the boat. No more moon shots for us. Maybe we were right. Prices now though dropping to around $.06 per HBAR were prices many wished to see again to fill the bags. Watch the market and stay tuned. This could get wild, quickly. Be sure to do your research and make sound decisions based on your own situation. 

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Written by Hbar News


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