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Heaven in the Hashgraph 

Memories never die. When we lose a loved one, we are left with the memories that were made with them. There is always a twinge of loss when we think back to those times. But also, happiness at having the memory of your loved one. These days, we have permanent data, locked into blockchains and the hashgraph. Why not immortalize our prized companions through this journey, in true degen fashion; on the hashgraph as an NFT? This permanent minting of our loved ones will carry through the ages. For years to come, the family and friends, and the entire community would be able to reminisce about the memorialized member.

As most of you are aware, on June 20th, 2022, Scott Deihl passed away suddenly. Scott was a regular in the Hedera NFT space, among others. Joining in the voice chats, discord discussions, and supporting promising projects throughout. A quick scroll through crypto twitter will show you the outpouring of love and sorrow at losing such a pillar in the tight community. 

“…his heart, kindness and generosity [were] something to behold” – InAMaze.nft

“Scott’s positivity and love for everyone around him was infectious, and a gift. We’re all better for having had him here with us while we did” – Dead Pixels

“Forever an Hedera Legend. We’ll all do you proud brother, and we’ll be remembering you all the way” – Hederian Dragons NFT

Within just these couple of quotes dedicated to Scott, you get the sense of love and appreciation the community has for him. There was an immediate ripple across the NFT community at losing one of their own. Aone X put out the word to rock Scott’s avatar and #ScottHederaLegend to show support for Scott and his family.

In a short notice Twitter space on Tuesday led by The Jolly Llamas, community leaders came together to remember Scott and brainstorm ways to support the family. Hello Future Buzz has coordinated future spaces and efforts to bring even more support for Scott’s family through commemorative NFTs. So, how do we commemorate our loved ones, especially those who proudly take part in our degenerate ways? You mint them into immortality, of course.

This can be done in several styles. The profile picture (PFP) is the obvious go to, capable of keeping their image and memory alive, and is quickly deployable. Being a PFP of your loved one, the deciding group can find and select the most fitting representation of the person to mint. This PFP can then be displayed in classic 2D styling or given a bit more pizazz. By making it 3D in trading card style or other rendered options, this NFT is able to be rotated and used in augmented reality. The custom memorial NFT is created with the assistance of skilled artists in the space and minted per usual methods; or specially requested through a team like HashTools or TurtleMoon. This method has the capability of designing a completely customized memorial, incorporating the favorite memories and styles of our former degen. The third method can be a hybrid mixed with either of the other two options. A metaverse memorial can be a big undertaking depending on the ideas that are shaping it. There might be a memorial garden, designed with favorite plants and flowers, a couple digital animals to roam and give life to the garden. Maybe add in a 3D sculpted statue so visitors can visit and remember the iconic memory. It could also be as easy as displaying the PFP or custom memorial NFT in your Spatial or another showcase world.

With so many options the ideas can be overwhelming, especially in a time of mourning. However, you are not going through this alone. The entire community is here to help. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a group of people as caring and supportive as the Hedera community, and specifically the few and proud Hedera NFT collectors and creators. Remember your loved ones who have gone ahead, hug the ones still beside you. Always celebrate life as a gift. Time is not guaranteed.

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News



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