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Joshua Lucas Spotlight

Warning: the following is written about a man so talented, so humble, you will be motivated to immediately seek ways to improve yourself. Joshua Lucas, the creator of the Hashanty, has shared with me just a bit of his ideas and projects in the works. In reviewing this sample, it is made clear that Joshua is a highly gifted and driven individual. On the frontier of web3, we have a visionary who is capable of creating worlds of visual and audio delight. I am grateful to have such an amazing and humble person pioneering this space. So, here it goes. My attempt to do this fine specimen of a human being some justice. Thanks for sharing with me, Joshua. I am humbled by the opportunity to interact with people of your caliber through this writing journey.

1. The man himself, Joshua Lucas

Check out these links to explore the genius of Joshua Lucas:

Terra Luma | Orbiter VR Concert | Twitter (Artist)  |  Ambiscapes | Twitter (Ambiscapes)

By this time, you have surely heard the “Hashanty,” the great sea shanty song about the Hedera Hashgraph and HBAR community. This was a lighthearted endeavor but garnered a massive amount of adoration and attention from those in the NFT space. After this hit took off, Joshua began teaming with creators in the Hedera space and minted a limited edition NFT of Hashanty. This NFT includes the art, music, and lyrics for the song. There is also a secret verse and chorus for those lucky enough to land one of these beauties in their wallet. Plans for exciting surprises are in the works for holders. Not to be defined by a single masterpiece, Joshua describes himself as a multi-disciplinary web3 artist. 

2. Hashanty Art

Previously, Joshua has created virtual reality worlds like Terra Luma, hand painting (virtually) and personally creating the audio tracks using AltspaceVR and Unity. Utilizing the immersive environment of virtual reality, Joshua has been capable of crafting entire metaverse worlds to live stream concerts. A favorite of these VR concerts is “Orbiter” which opened for the digital arts festival PXR 2021 back in November. 

3. Orbiter VR Concert

Currently, Joshua is poring his time into a whole new brand of music NFTs he calls Ambiscapes. This web3, music NFT platform is built on Hedera, of course, and will provide platforms for VR developers and 3D world builders. The idea first came when Joshua was exploring the metaverse in VR and realized the worlds were all silent. Realizing he was uniquely suited to bringing audio to the metaverse, he began to pioneer this mash up through music and ambisonic-soundscapes. Through this, Ambiscapes was born.

4. VR Metaverse Landscape

Since autumn 2021, Joshua has been focusing his efforts towards building the Ambiscapes platform. His vision, to identify the opportunities to integrate music NFTs into metaverse platforms in the web3 space, through wallet integration. Don’t worry, these won’t be the old 8-bit Nintendo soundtrack style. These will be high-quality “cryptunes” as Joshua describes them. He is developing the platform with a large sync and sample catalogue for music producers and creators to utilize in their transition into the web3 world. As of March 2022, many developers on other chains have taken notice and shared their excitement of Joshua’s developments in metaverse audio tools. Ambiscapes release is still TBD, so be sure to keep an eye on Joshua’s page, and the Ambiscapes Twitter account. 

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