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Who do you trust with your bars? Over the past year there have been several developments that have made it more convenient and secure to hold your HBARs and Hedera NFTs as well as check the rarity of your collection, or even stake to earn rewards. From Xact to Hashpack and beyond, the space continues to crank out valuable tools for the community.

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One of the most useful and well-known tools on the hashgraph is Hashpack. Starting as a simple wallet for HBAR, this app has a chrome plug in, with mobile apps in the works. The team has just announced the Android Hashpack app has been approved by Google Play and is in beta testing. Until the mobile app is ready, they have detailed instructions of how to connect via chrome on your mobile device. This allows the access to your wallet on the go, which is vital in this fast-paced world. If you dabble in the NFT realm, Hashpack enables you to view your collection, associate new token IDs, and complete secure trades all from the app.

The Hashpack team provides great support in their discord server and are consistently working to improve their product for the community. Recently, the app added in staking options within your wallet itself! This feature is still early in phase 1 and will be holding rewards until phase 3, so be sure to take that into account before staking your HBAR. Of course, we have recently been experiencing the #HederaHeatWave in the NFT community, and Hashpack has not disappointed with their jpeg lovers’ support either!

Within the Hashpack wallet, you can now search through your NFT collection with key words. If you are a complete degen like me, this is an amazing feature that can save you a lot of time scrolling through all of your beautiful HBAR NFTs.

So much is changing and growing within the Hedera space right now even through this bear market and it is exciting to see the advancements coming out from the dedicated developers like Hashpack. Soon enough, there will be several viable options for the HBAR community to store their bars, with teams from Blade Wallet and Walla Wallet grinding hard to build their products and get them competing with Hashpack. This competition is an amazing opportunity for the community as competition breeds innovation and we can be sure that this will encourage all teams to be on their a-game.

With this influx of interest in the Hedera space, there has been a noted rise in bad actors. Remember, no site can fully protect you from these threats. You are the biggest, most capable protector of your assets. Do not connect to unfamiliar sites. Do not give out your private key or seed phrase. And no, don’t even send that guy that DM’ed you on twitter your favorite NFT. He won’t be sending it back with interest.

If there is a cool looking project on a launchpad or marketplace, PLEASE do your own research on that project. Keep in mind the launchpad and marketplace teams have hundreds of projects to manage and can only screen so much into a project. Just like devastating wildfires, only you can prevent yourself from being scammed.

“Only you can prevent forest fires”

-Smokey the Bear

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