in VIP Access Ticket – NFTs

Now going on sale in waves for a total of only 25….

25 ever!

As some sell, we will upload the rest for sale.

This ticket is being used to raise funds to implement exciting features on the upcoming website. The funds raised will go directly to development and content creation on the site.

Utility: By being a holder of this token you will be entitled to a VIP members only area launching in q3. In this members only area you will have exclusive access to unpublished interviews, in depth analysis, Free NFTs, investment opportunities and even redeem your ticket for some swag.

Ticket is transferable:

If swag is not redeemed, the ticket is transferable and able to be sold or traded as you please but you must hold the ticket for access. As a ticket holder there will be other perks and benefits as well such as:

  • Members only chat room
  • Voting on new features
  • Free newsletter
  • Name or handle on supporters page
  • Members only contests
  • First to know about new features
  • Digital membership card NFT 1 of 1 (must be redeemed)
  • Early podcast access
  • Submission of interview questions
  • 1 promotion article per year

Hbar news site will be publicly launched soon and already is in the process of implementing two use cases on the site. The site will be a hub for all Hedera and Hbar related news, education and awareness. We will be releasing a road map in q2 this year and have many exciting features planned for the site. We will not be a typical news site.

We will be a one stop shop for all Hedera information to grow the ecosystem and foster adoption and by using the site you will be seeing real life use cases in action.

We will have staff writers and journalists as well as allow public submissions for approval. We will also be using an aggregator to funnel in news from other sources in regards to Hedera.

Live price action of hbar and hbar created tokens such as JAM tokens or others created and traded as well as current node status listed in the footer from the status.hedera rss feed.

As I said we aim to be a one place stop for all Hedera and Hbar related information and a simple site to share for onboarding and general information. We already have some exciting exclusive interviews lined up as well as events and quality reporting.

About me:

I am Peter Uliano, one of the original co-founders of GoMint, which was the first to market NFT marketplace on Hedera. I am also a partner on an upcoming project on Hedera called “Wafu Token.” I am an advisor for Aeon a metaverse project on Hedera and I am actively working with 3 other use cases that are yet to be announced.

I have been in the Hedera community for some time and some of you may know me. I care about the ecosystem, I actively promote hbar and Hedera and I am an active community member.

Hello Future!


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