Three days of peace and music. This was the slogan for the iconic Woodstock music festival back in 1969. Fast-forward 53 years and we are in the middle of a technological and financial revolution. The markets are bloody, NFTs are being abandoned on the leading Ethereum and Solana chains. Hedera is the quiet giant in the midst of this turmoil. Creators in the Hedera space have not taken this downturn as a sign to give up. No! In fact, this amazing space has abounded with resilience and grit, rising up in the face of adversity. These Hederian creators have doubled down their efforts to provide value and entertainment for their communities. Tying a vast majority of these projects together is one name which resounds throughout the Hedera space: The Revolution Starts Tomorrow (TRST). Uniting the space in their inaugural NFT giveaway, Hashstock 2022. Bringing the largest NFT giveaway collaboration the world has ever seen!

Down and Dirty:

Registration is FREE

24 Tickets for each account

10,000 tickets total

Ends once all 10,000 tickets are collected.

50+ NFT Winners (more as projects join)

Option to donate once you sign up

All donations go to Charity: Water

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HBAR Foundation | Site

Stader Hedera | Site

Utopian Lab | Site

Zuse Market | Site

HederaStarter | Site

HelloFutureBuzz | Site

HashGuild | Site

HBARSuite | Site


With over fifty of the top builders in the Hedera NFT community coming together to give HBARbarians the chance to win free NFTS, let’s take a look at where Hedera stands during this time of heart ache for most in the NFT community. According to DappRadar, Zuse Market is the 12th top ranking NFT marketplace by volume in USD. This slot comes in at $22.47K in 24 hours. While the overall market is taking hit after hit, Zuse is still rising. Couple this with the other Hedera NFT venues and soon we will be pushing easily into the top 10. Eth and Sol dominance are waning. Make room for the new kids on the block! Congratulations Zuse Market on such an amazing push!

Speaking of Zuse, they are one of the sponsors for Hashstock 2022. Along with the other huge names you see above, these sponsors are helping along the way making contributions to the charity donations. I pried hard but couldn’t get TRST to budge on how much they would be donating. Despite their quiet humility, we all appreciate their dedication to the furtherance of the Hedera space and the charity TRST has chosen to be the recipient of all; Charity: Water.

This organization is committed to bringing fresh drinking water to parts of the world that have not had access previously. Through the donations they have previously received, Charity: Water has funded 91,414 projects which served 14,762,215 people across 29 nations (source). To learn more, check out Charity: Water’s website, and watch the documentary from Netflix about the struggle for clean water, “This is a True Story.” As we look at our crypto wallets with sinking hearts, keep in mind the struggle of others around the world to even have clean drinking water.

Times like these can be rough on anyone watching or invested in the markets. Hashstock is set to be the start a brilliant, annual giveaway which shines light to the community; bringing the Hedera NFT community together, spreading the word of these amazing projects, and giving to those who are in need. The tireless grind by the team at The Revolution Starts Tomorrow is not going unnoticed, and I expect they’ll continue on their path to greatness as these types of events are solidified in the history the Hashgraph.

If your project is not on the Hashstock 2022 list, and you would like to partake in this monumental event, please reach out to the TRST team on their discord or twitter. As always, I am happy to help as well, twitter link below.


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