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Cosmic Immigrants

Send us your tired, your rug pulled, your NGMI bears! Send us your scared no-coiners, dreaming of financial freedom! Hedera is the beacon to unite and revitalize the NFT market, through the times of dips, fud and fear. Navigating the crypto space is a bit like Hollywood space travel at times. Trying to find life sustaining planets and coming up short over and over. Finally, landing on planet Hedera, finding an amazing ecosystem with advanced technology and a real sense of community. One day, this may be the setting of the moon when Hedera takes its shot. For now, we get to truly watch history in the making as cryptocurrency technology is adopted by the masses and NFTs are finding more use cases every day. Who better to witness history with than a bunch of shapeshifting aliens traveling across the galaxy on their own exploration journeys? Cosmic Immigrants is an exciting project coming from the mind of Meep#000, a former newspaper chief cartoonist. 

Down and Dirty

Gen 1 – First Release (33 NFTs)

Release Date: March 18, 2022

Mint Price – 1000 HBars

Gen 1 – Special Weekly Release (12 – 18 NFTs)

Mint Price – 1500 HBars

Gen 1 – Final Release (50 NFTs)

Release Date: April 30, 2022 – Saturday

Mint Price – TBA 

Launchpad – Zuse Marketplace 

Cosmic Immigrant Links

Based out of the Philippines, the Cosmic Immigrants were born of the imagination of Meep#000 while sitting on a sunny beach, soaking up the rays. Expressing the idea of artistic freedom, in the form of shapeshifting aliens, Meep saw more than digital characters, he saw a universe of stories. The meeps have taken on a life of their own since February 2022. Bringing in heavy hitting team members from the Hedera community to build the project was a great call and Meep now has Ipex working as Community Strategy Moderator, Entheos as Community Discord Moderator, and JV working the minting development. With the art binding this team, there is greatness inbound for the meeps. 

Sharing the journey of each adventuring space explorer, the Cosmic Immigrants team is all about supporting each other and the Hedera community as a whole. Ensuring to provide value above and beyond what is expected, the team is building an entire universe of characters with their stories. With hype being counter-productive for many projects these days, the mantra “under promise, over deliver” has been dubbed to show a project that would prefer grinding out kick ass utility instead of jumping on hype trains constantly. Though, I’m sure the meeps wouldn’t mind some spotlight, as they are definitely rock stars! Minting the meeps allows community members to own a piece of the story being told. As the project continues, there are plans to animate the stories into comics and possibly incorporate the meeps into a metaverse. But who are the meeps really? Who do they represent in our – less animated –dimension of space?

Being observant and caring, Meep#000 noticed the struggles of the homeless people in the Philippines and hopes to give back to his local communities with the success of the Cosmic Immigrants. The meeps in their perpetual intergalactic journeys represent the homeless and struggling people of the Philippines who are always searching for means to survive. With the continuing success of the project, Meep#000 hopes to contribute to helping these homeless and foster a mindset of kindness and helping. 

With such a positive message, great art, and untold secret utilities coming to holders, there should be no hesitation to join in this project. Go check out their discord, get a feel for the community, and see if you can get your hands on a meep. If not, don’t worry, there is a Gen 2 planned, and plenty more fun and value in store. 

Leon O’Dochartaigh


Written by Hbar News


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