CryptoWorldCon Miami – Hbarbarians?

What is cryptoworldcon and why does it matter for Hbar and Hedera enthusiasts?

CryproWorldCon is a crypto/blockchain convention that has some huge names as speakers and in attendance, with Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wallstreet), Milena Mayorga (El Salvator Ambassador to the United States), Kristina Lucrezia Cornè (Editor-in-chief of Cointelegraph) and many more big names within the crypto-verse that I have listed further below. 

The event will last 2 days with workshops, guest speakers and will close with a VIP yacht party. There are representatives from every popular cryptocurrency but as far as I am aware, no one from Hedera will be in attendance. We (Hbar News) will be attending via press passes to report on the conference but where in the world is Hedera and all the Hbarbarians? 

I encourage anyone in the Miami area to attend and to also spread the word about Hbar. I personally will be championing Hbar while in attendance with the help of Jacob Williams, who will be attending with me to talk about Wafu while we network and cover the event. So, if you are from Florida or in the area, come on by, shoot me an email and lets represent the future we believe in while also attending a world class event. I will have some swag with me and would love to meet any Hbarbarians in the area. 

I feel it is important to show the world the passion behind the community of Hbar. The majority of crypto and NFT related events are very scarce with the Hedera crowd and the ones that do have us in attendance it is usually to network and meet our own community rather than spread the word, share the information and educate the masses.

So if you are in the Florida area on April 1st or 2nd, I encourage you to get over to Miami and do some shilling, chilling and possibly meet up with Jacob and I.


Jordan Belfort — also known as The Wolf of Wall Street 

Jaime Rogozinski – founder of WallStreetBets

Priya Guliani — United Kingdom president of the Government Blockchain Association

Carmelo Milian — founder of Polka City

Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr — editor-in-chief of Cointelegraph

Nabeel Malik — founder and CEO of Cryptolitics

Lior Lamesh — co-founder and CEO of GK8

Natasha Paracha — founder of School Coin

Jesus Rodriguez — co-founder and CEO of IntoTheBlock

Shiv Aggarwal — founder and CEO of EarthId

Karisa Winett — chief of staff at NFT Genius

Alexander Lorenzo — CEO of Fundamental Secrets

Jess Furman – senior vice president of creative and licensing Strategy at Big Noise Music Group; senior executive creative director of Sound Revolver

Daniele Marinelli — founder and CEO of DTSocialize Holding

Haydn Snape — founder and CEO of Decentralised Investment Group

Eric Galen — partner of Greenspoon Marder

Eloisa Cadenas — founder of CryptoFintech and journalist at Cointelegraph

Tony Salazar — CEO of

Dr. Chris Oniya – LifeofMusk NFT founder and visionary, angel investor for OpenSea and Ripple

Alex Baghdjian — co-founder of Funday

Adam Healy — chief security officer of BlockFi

Benji Markoff — CEO of Founder Shield

Jessica Lauren — Radix Community

Amy Kalnoki — co-founder and chief operating officer of Bitwave; co-host of the podcast The DeFi Daily

Erik Pinos — president of the Blockchain Education Network

Aly Madhavji — managing partner of Blockchain Founders Fund and liquidity provider at Loyal venture capital and Draper Goren Holm

Michaël Van de Poppe — CEO of Crypto Michaël and founder of Eight Global

Gabriela Kurs — board director of the Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association

Juliet Alcoba — trademark attorney

Ruben Alcoba — registered patent attorney

Jakub Chmielniak — co-founder of Fanadise

Bartek Sibiga — co-founder of Fanadise; founder of DDOB, a networking platform for creators

Dr. Isabel Welpe — Chair of Strategy and Organization at the Technical University of Munich

Eric Guthier — CEO of Better ME Better WE.

Wrenn Taylor — developer of SpookyShiba

Michael Cobb — CEO of ECI Development

David Uhryniak — director of blockchain strategy at Tron DAO

Reza Bashash — co-founder of Sologenic

Bob Ras — co-creator of Sologenic and Coreum

Harry Golash — CEO of Fantom Oasis

Tarek Kirschen — founder and CEO of Glozal Inc.

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