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Market sentiment has been stifling lately due to inflation rates from the Fed and fears of the next Cold War with the Bear of Russia. The Bear of crypto has the eyes of Hbarbarians at the moment, but the Hbar Foundation‘s Shayne Higdon has given the community something to look forward to. Some Hbar elites have frowned upon announcements, but nonetheless here we are on the eve of an announcement. Another exchange is set to list Hbar and theses talks have the Twitter and Telegram chats ablaze. To most this may appear to be semantics at this point, but for Hbar who has yet to be listed on some of the Crypto-verse’s largest exchanges the news is a welcomed site.


Speculators have given a wide array of reason why Hbar has been excluded from the likes of Coinbase, Kraken, FTX, and Gemini. Hbar being an unfamiliar technology called hashgraph has been explained as one potential hurdle to climb. Some sensational enthusiasts have even been so bold to proclaim that Coinbase needs Hedera tech to streamline fast fair ordering. Now, mind you I am an Hbar investor myself and even this claim has me scratching my head. The likes of the earlier mentioned crypto exchanges no doubt attract some sensational “Pump and Dump” meme coins if you will. However, Hedera has no intention to be put in the same category with famous pup coins. Nevertheless, Hbark and Hedera Husky have been my crude examples, if Hedera did decide to take the low road.

Hedera is a global enterprise driven crypto that has surrounded itself with the world’s leading organizations with investors calling for long term hodler status. Listing on major exchanges will increase buying power through easy access and also increase volume to flow over the markets.

Any exposure on exchanges is typically a good sign and Hedera appears to be taking the necessary steps to head in that direction. The eyebrow raising part is that the Hbar Foundation has never announced an exchange listing before, leaving speculators to speculate and haters to hate obviously. Is this announcement the Hbar Foundations attempt to “hype the substance” or a desperate attempt to find relevancy in a downward trending market? I for one prefer substance to be substance and hype to come from “face melting” transactions that are “right around the corner” via the ever elusive “Step Change” co-founder Mance has so eloquently had us salivating over.

In all honestly the crypto market has never seen a crypto like Hedera that will be utilized on such a massive scale. Global enterprises take time to build up steam, but boy when they get rolling it is quite difficult to impede their progress. I see Hedera as a train leaving the station, slow, painfully slow, but once TPS and awareness are through the roof coupled with a solid regulatory footing, nothing and I mean nothing will be able to stop the behemoth that Hedera will have become. Buy your ticket, take a seat and wait for the rest of the world to shout “Hello Future” from the roof tops! Doubters will frantically search Coinbase and other major exchanges to have a chance to purchase Hedera history via the Hbar!

Philip Oxendine – Contributing Writer Hbar News

PhilFizz @POX_Hunter


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