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The list of Hedera Governing Council (GC) members is quite impressive. 26 out of the available 39 seats have been filled by some of the world’s leading organizations. The council consists of companies that span the globe and represent a variety of sectors. However, one category missing from the list is a U.S. based telecommunication cellular service provider. Conveniently after Hedera announced going “Open Source” Verizon published an article praising the HBAR Foundation and the Hedera network on February 17th, 2022. (1)

When the ‘Average Joe’ thinks about the Metaverse, gaming is typically the next logical topic of discussion. While the metaverse and gaming have experienced enormous success through the likes of The Sandbox, Decentraland and Axie Infinity. Hedera has much bigger plans in sight, don’t get me wrong, Hedera will revolutionize the gaming industry. The focus of Hedera appears to be more on the practical application approach to the metaverse. 

The Verizon article goes on to mention how Boeing has intentions to invest $15 billion in developing its own metaverse where mechanics and robots collaborate to build planes for simulations. Granted this may not seem as fun as gaming but it does highlight the real-world utility that will no doubt make Hedera a household name in years to come. 

Verizon openly raves about the Hbar Foundation + MetaVRse partnership where Hedera GC members investigate simulated training, marketing, and entertainment opportunities. Verizon has clearly been doing their homework and one can naturally assume that certain crypto networks have piqued their interest. With highspeed internet capabilities through the integration of 5G nationwide, perhaps Verizon is now ready to take leap of not faith but. Do your own research (DYOR) and dive into crypto.

(Hbar News and Author are not financial advisors and everyone should always do their own Due Dilligence)   

Speculation (for the salty guy from my last submission)

Is it possible that Verizon becomes the first American telecommunication cellular service provider to join the Hedera Council? Sure, this is pure speculation if you will, but the fact is Verizon knows about Hedera and has done enough background work to learn about how some of the GC members intend on utilizing Hedera. Can Verizon benefit from a fast, secure, and green ledger that is infinitely scalable? When you listen to all the features that Hedera has to offer; how is Hedera and the fuel for the network Hbar not a household name at this point? 

Apparently, I have more questions than answers tonight, but one thing is for sure, Hedera will one day “shock the market” as described  by Mance Harmon. When this occurs and true regulated utility is valued over hype, Hbar holders worldwide will realize how early they really were. Fifty billion Hbar for a company like Verizon that has nearly 143 million customers in the United States seems small if everyone paid their cell phone bill in Hbar. Mathematically speaking if each Verizon customer owned approximately 350 Hbar that would max out the total supply. Supply shock if you will! 

Can you hear Hedera now?

Philip Oxendine

PhilFizz @POX_Hunter


Correction: In the second to last paragraph it read “Is it possible that Verizon becomes the first telecommunication cellular service provider” We corrected it to read “The first American…” updated 02/19/2022 – Peter Uliano

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