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Bitrue Expands Hedera Support With JAM Token | by Hedera Team | Hedera Blog


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July 23 2021 — Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue has today announced that their support for the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem is expanding, as they provide their community with the ability to list a new Hedera project on Bitrue through their votes.

“The availability of tokens created by Hedera-powered protocols and applications is an important aspect of fostering a healthy Hedera ecosystem,” said Mance Harmon, CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera Hashgraph. “We’re proud of and the work they’ve completed, and are excited to watch as more projects progress similarly.”

In recent weeks Bitrue has placed great emphasis on Premium Listings, in which projects that it deems to have a significant potential impact within their industries can receive fast-track listings on the exchange. In particular, projects that are built on notable ecosystems like Hedera Hashgraph, Solana, and Cardano have received attention.

“Over the last several months our community’s request for Hedera related projects has intensified, and we’re now happy to hand the power to bring coins to Bitrue over to our community.” said Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer of Bitrue. is a leading Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem token issuer company building the JAM token on Hedera Token Service, a new native token minting protocol from Hedera Hashgraph. has leveraged HTS to create a marketplace for music streaming micropayments so artists can get paid directly for every second their music is streamed. Many thousands of JAM wallets have been created and tens of thousands of decentralized JAM transactions have been processed making JAM a leading HTS hashgraph ecosystem token.

“We are excited that the Hedera and Bitrue communities have rallied around to support the Hedera ecosystem and the rollout of Hedera Token Service (HTS).” — Andrew Antar, Founder and President of

Within a matter of weeks, a new feature named BTR Voting will be launched by Bitrue. This is a promised governance feature whereby holders of the platform token BTR will directly decide the new coins that come to the exchange. It is expected that by decentralizing the decision making process, the projects that successfully land on Bitrue will be of a higher value and interest to the real users and supporters of the exchange.

Users that cast votes using BTR will also be able to receive an airdrop of the coin they voted for should the coin get listed successfully.

“BTR voting will ensure that the decisions that are made about Bitrue’s future are made by those who have a real genuine stake in the company. While we’ve been soliciting community votes on coins for a long time already, this new voting feature will make the process significantly more fair, secure, and will bring further value to our token BTR.” continued Mr. O’Neill

About is a tokenized music marketplace for music streaming micropayments, NFTs, and live social audio experiences. Join thousands of artists and music fans around the world to discover new music. The JAM token is the first Hedera Token Service (HTS) ecosystem token to enable micropayments for music streaming. When the music gets played, the artist gets paid.

About Hedera Token Service

The Hedera Token Service (HTS) allows users to issue digital tokens for any asset on Hedera’s decentralized ledger at the native layer, so that they can instantly and securely transfer value without an intermediary. Anything representing value can be tokenized and transferred, and its value can be redeemed anywhere in the world. Tokens deployed via the Hedera Token Service benefit from the same high performance, security, and efficiency as hbar.

About Bitrue

Launched in July 2018, Bitrue is a diversified cryptocurrency exchange with support for trading, loans, and investments. Bitrue aims to utilize blockchain technology to bring financial opportunities to everybody regardless of their location or financial position. They have offices worldwide and continue to develop new features at a rapid speed to fully service the new wave of the digital economy.

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