Biden or Bust!

Biden or Bust

Biden or Bust

Biden or Bust: Many of us remember the “Dot Com” bubble explosion in the early 2000’s. There were countless dot com companies popping up left and right. Very few offered substance, while most all delivered on hype. Out of those 1000’s of companies only the strong fundamental companies rose from the ashes victorious e.g. Amazon, Google and Hedera(lol).

Sorry I jumped the gun on the Hedera addition to success stories that overcome over saturation and regulation. However, Hedera and the Hbar do provide the most utility of ALL cryptos in the market today while also being one of the few if not only “Carbon Negative” platforms in the entire space.

Crypto Bubble

Smart folks in the crypto-sphere are calling for a “Crypto Bubble” bursting event at some point. While I admit that the crypto currency market is quite saturated as we have blossomed to over 7000 tokes according to, we may have more time before new capital dries up and then BOOM! Similar to the dot com bubble, the crypto bubble is swelling and is due for a healthy consolidation. With crypto being a nascent industry, smarter investors will soon realize that the deployment of capital into an asset with little purpose “utility” may be a poor investment choice. That leaves Hedera and a few others at an increasing advantage of surviving the crypto bubble bursting.

Now to get to the Biden or Bust “clickbait” title that undoubtedly led you to read to the end. The Biden administration is set to release an executive order centered around crypto this February. While I am no politician, an executive order from a governing body tends to deal with the governing of said topic. In this case crypto may soon be regulated. To further bolster this claim there have been several House Committee on Energy and Commerce interviews that talk about…you guessed it, the environmental impact of such cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These regulatory bodies have certainly shared the findings of these interviews from experts across the crypto industry with the Biden administration.

Now for your weekly dose of hopium, are “green” cryptos that solve real world problems more or less likely to receive favorable results from the hammer of the regulator? You decide, Hbar is down to approximately .20 cents as of writing after swelling to approximately .57 cents mid-August of 2021. What may it reach if given the regulatory stamp of approval? If only we had major corporations with unlimited lobbing resources to push their agenda, cough cough…Google, IBM, Boeing! But hey what do I know, I’m just a guy with a love for Hbar and the basic writing skills to share the Hedera Gospel!

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Philip Oxendine

PhilFizz @POX_Hunter

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