Beyond JPEGs and Profile Pics

We’re in the beginnings of spring for NFTs on Hedera. We have the first major artists releasing their work, cultivating their communities, the sky’s the limit so where could Hedera go? – Co-Founder Conor

The advent of the Hedera Token Service opened the floodgates of creativity for the Hedera community and since its debut back in early 2021 we’ve all been able to bear witness to the materialization of the Hedera’s native creativity. Admittedly we’ve followed a rather similar path to NFT communities on other chains, Profile Pic Art, as its generally known, is where most NFT communities seem to begin whether its Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that, just an observation but while we all share this same starting point the paths all of these disparate NFT communities take diverge quickly.

Hedera’s NFT community has already begun its creative breakaway and this can be observed by exploring the many pieces of art produced over time by long-standing artists in the space. Many veteran Hedera artists have gradually layered complexities into their work creating more and more meaningful pieces, the abstractions of their work growing with each additional generation, drop, release or however else they debut their newest creations. For example, the various artists creating derivative works of the famous CryptoPunks on Hedera have all charted their own paths with their own punks all of which looking distinct from each other and the original source of inspiration and all of this just with a Punk-niche.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m certainly no artist, I’m quite the artistic layman but I know what my tastes are. I have NFTs that I like and NFTs I don’t like and even with that in mind I can still see the gradual evolutions in creativity being expressed with each new drop. These incremental steps forward in Hedera’s NFT artist class are vital to the overall network’s further growth and the artists making the decision to experiment, releasing new types of art or further developing their current pieces should be celebrated. From an artist’s perspective I can only admire their bravery and passion in producing their pieces, leaving their comfort zones, leaving the industry’s comfort zone, and venturing out and releasing their art onto immutable ledgers for everyone to see. It takes guts for an artist to understand what the current fad of an industry is and choose to produce something that isn’t necessarily popular or hasn’t caught on yet, all with the goal of improving and diversifying one’s own art.

I know that for myself and the rest of the HederaStarter team we’re already beginning to ideate on how to experiment with the NFTs and their artists that we’ve been interacting with. Since our inception HederaStarter has been working with the NFT community developing custom NFTs and running giveaways, hosting interviews and community AMA’s where we discuss the artists and the crosssection of DeFi and NFTs. Although we’re more focused on launching projects and their respective tokens, we believe that anything we can do to boost the Hedera NFT community fulfills our mandate of moving the entire ecosystem forward. Moreover, we’ve also been thinking about how we could develop a DAO controlled NFT bank of sorts. We have our HDAO built directly into the protocol as well as the forums for the stakers of $HSTART so as we continue to interact with the NFT community we can let out stakers decide to use a portion of general funds to take positions in certain NFT collections, or to make acquisitions of specific NFTs. This is an idea we’ve only recently begun thinking about but we’re already certain it would be a great experiment in both DAOs and NFT ownership and management.

         Now as Hedera moves closer and closer to a feature complete EVM we’ll be witnessing the next major step forward for the NFT community on Hedera. Our NFT artists will have the full spectrum of creative capabilities in their grasp that artists have on other platforms like Ethereum and Avalanche. With that I can say that HederaStarter is immensely excited with what is looming on the horizon, our artists are already pushing the boundaries of creativity with their art, creating unique one of one’s, generative pieces and many more boundary-pushing works, compound that with what can be done with smart contracts and the entire Hedera NFT community is about to truly go exponential. 

  • Co-Founder Conor



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